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Fitness Friday - In the Office

As #FitnessFriday was a trending topic on Twitter on Friday, and we have some real fitness fanatics here at Toolkit Websites, we thought we'd put together a few fitness tips for anyone that works in an office environment like us.

Obviously, we love working with websites and computers but are the first to admit that in this industry it can be difficult to find the time and opportunity to focus on health and fitness.

BUT, it is not impossible!

1) Find a sport that you love

The first and best step you can make towards becoming an active individual is to find a sport or active past-time that you enjoy. You can then take part in the evenings and on weekends; whenever you find you have some spare time.

If you have passion for something, you are far more likely to continue it consistently. Not only will this keep you in shape but it will help you to feel better physically and mentally when you are at work!

2) Drink lots of water

This is something you can do easily when working in your office, so you have no excuses. You probably need your tea and coffee to get through the day but it's a better idea to try and drink 3 litres of actual water too. Perhaps follow each tea with a small bottle or pint glass of water so you get the best of both.

As well as hydrate you and proven to solve a variety of health issues, this will curb your hunger pangs and stop you from snacking unnecessarily, which is easily done when you are sat down at your desk all day.

3) Eating healthily

More on the topic of food, a lot of the time eating is something to look forward to in your day. This means you will probably, a lot of the time, overdo it and eat too much or eat too much of the wrong things.

The best thing to do is surround yourself with a limited amount of food and try and make it the good stuff. Pack yourself a lunch from home  and take it with you to work. Not only will you know exactly what you're eating but you can ensure that it's good for you. Keep it light, eat small meals and snack often to keep your metabolism moving even though you're sitting still.

Another option could be to take your lunch or a coffee break elsewhere and use the opportunity to walk outside with your co-workers for a short time to stretch your legs.

4) Running to work

Have you ever thought of running or walking to and from work? Perhaps you've always thought it was too far but if you use Google Maps to actually see the quickest route on foot between where you live and work - you may be surprised.

A 40 minute walk is a 20 minute jog and 20 minutes 10 times a week turns into about 3 and a half hours of running a week which is actually a lot more than the average person gets. Plus, you'd be saving money on petrol or public transport!

5) Get fit as a team

We are stronger together, so as a group there are many things in the work place that you can do to get fit and healthy. Organise some weekly sporting activities within your workplace and encourage some healthy work-place competitiveness and team-building while you get into shape.

Cooking healthily together is also great fun. Perhaps take turns weekly to provide your office with a healthy meal, share recipes and experiences and even indulge in a cheat day once in a while to reward yourself on your new healthy lifestyle! Because let's face it, everyone needs to indulge every now and again.

Hopefully we've inspired you to make some changes in your day to day office life.

Do you have any tips of your own for us?