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Create your own #hashtag on Twitter

You may have seen a lot of hashtags on Twitter. On a daily basis new ones are being introduced, and there is always a top topic of hashtag trending depending on current affairs. Popular ones include #fridayfeeling #mondaymotivation #ff #followfriday #tbt and more.

When you first begin using Twitter, you may find hashtags confusing and quite annoying! But as you become more comfortable with tweeting, you will begin to see that they are actually quite useful - they connect you to vast and varied communities you would otherwise never have discovered.

When using Twitter, it might be worth creating your own hashtag to follow at the end of your Tweets or interaction with other Tweeters.

Hashtags are a community-created way of organising information on Twitter. Anyone can create and use any hashtag that they like.


Because people can click on a hashtag and see all Tweets using that particular hashtag. It could also work out to be your motto or slogan. It may even begin trending!

For example, we tend to use the hashtags: #toolkitwebsites #webdesignsouthampton #passionatesupport

This means that our business name, our top keywords and our USP are featured in each one.


How to create a hashtag

Firstly, you will want your hashtag to represent your brand but you also want it to be short and sweet. Come up with a list of several potential hashtags that could be used based on your business name, event, etc.

Check to see that your ideal hashtag isn’t already in use. And scope our what hashtags exist, that are already popular.

Use your hashtag, and let your target audience know that you will be using it to engage discussion, spreading the use of the hashtag and more.

Don't make a hash of it! #toolkitwebsites #webdesignsouthampton #passionatesupport