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Business Growth = Website Expansion

A good business is one that is open to change. In the business world, being unwilling to adapt or be flexible will mostly end in failure. Every business has it's own challenges that it faces over time, whether they are a fledgling start-up business or if they are a well established business that is facing an overhaul or change in the way that they operate, there are peaks and troughs in every scenario.

When a business expands:

When a business has a model that is working for them, making the business larger is a possibility. This also means that the worth of the business increases, you could see more staff being added to the workforce and more money in the budget. With this comes more revenue for marketing to expand further, an opportunity to increase brand awareness and the ability to take a closer look at your website.

Your website is your business hub. People who want to know more about you and your services will undoubtedly Google you to see what your website is like, and to read articles related to you and your services. This could be customer reviews, blog posts you've written, your Social Media presence and more.

This means that your website design will become one of the most important marketing tools you have and it's integral that this gives the potential customer or client a great first impression and all of the information they need.

You may have started out with a small sized website to get a website presence instated. Usually a small 5 page package is perfect for businesses who haven't yet got a website, that want to give basic information such as the background history, a brief summary of services/products and information on how to get in touch with you.

Overtime, you may find that as your business grows, your website needs to grow too. It might be that you have a lot more services on offer that you want to give more detailed information about. It might be that you want to start relying on your website to generate bookings automatically, so you may need to look at a third party booking facility. As the business grows or changes to adapt to the economy and target audience needs, you may want to give your website a completely fresh look and change your branding or the design in general.

Our Redesign Services

At Toolkit Websites, we have an Account Manager who specifically works with people who feel that their website needs to evolve as the business does. You can call us and discuss your vision, and we can make a strong suggestion on what steps you can take to make this happen. Our redesign service can be used to modernise your website and bring it up to date, (technology and design styles are constantly changing), or it could be that you want to reorder your pages and increase your package allowance.

What ever it is, you can be assured that we're experts in that field and can point you in the right direction, even if you're not quite sure what you're looking for. We have an extensive portfolio with live examples to show you, and a creative, ambitious team with new and innovative ideas!

Humble beginnings...

At Toolkit Websites, we ourselves have evolved over time. The business, under the name of Green Design, first started building websites specifically for the marine industry. Soon we had a number of high profile clients such as the Volvo Ocean Race, Ellen Macarthur and the Louis Vuitton Cup.

With the bursting of the dot com bubble, and high profile sailing events being cut back, the business had a long hard look at how it wanted to position itself going forward. Marcus and the Team devised a five year plan to diversify the client base from solely marine based clients, to all sectors of service and manufacturing industries.

An ambitious expansion plan was adopted. As a result, our client base now numbers over 2000 based all over the UK and a few international clients dotted around the globe! The business expanded from a simple home office, to a successful business located in a prestigious head office in Carlton Crescent, Southampton.

A success story...

With an innovative approach to change, and keeping our finger on the pulse to make sure we keep up with digital trends and design, we have a team bursting at the seams with creative vision.  We encourage our team to be open to ideas and suggestions and are as flexible as possible when it comes to creating outstanding websites for our clients.