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What it's like to be an Apprentice, at Toolkit Websites... Callum Dewane

For the last 14 months I have been working as an apprentice for Toolkit Websites where my job role has been a multitude of tasks and responsibilities including editing and creating design layouts for clients websites, and providing passionate support to all of Toolkit's clients, via phone and email.

I have learnt many skills which will allow me to progress in my future job and career. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Toolkit Websites and have made some long life friends.

Since the beginning of my apprenticeship, I have gained a huge number of skills and further developed skills I already had. These have been skills such as being able to speak confidently to clients on the phone, training clients 1-to-1 over the phone with regards to setting up emails or any other questions or queries they have had, website coding languages and also being able to solve technical issues.

There are so many skills that I could list that I have improved on, but the most important skill that I have developed would have to be my “Design Eye” as we call it in the office. Working on clients websites has allowed me to improve on website design, layout, formatting and styling web pages in a professional and modern way. Adapting this to each client depending on their brand or requirements, is something that has helped me evolve my skills over time.

My favourite element within my role has been managing my own clients. When a client had gotten to the end of the project with their Project Manager, I would take the reigns to help them go live. By doing anything I could from last minute tweaks to any last questions before the site was launched, it gave clients the confidence to press the publish button! I really enjoyed this because you can build a strong relationship with clients and understand what they need from their website, learning how it needs to function and the look that they are trying to achieve.

One of my biggest responsibilities was to liaise with clients via phone and email when designing and creating their Social Media accounts or Google services. This involved setting clients expectations of when the set-up would be completed and keeping them informed every step of the way. A vital part of the process was their feedback throughout the creation of the design work, and adapting my work to align with these requirements or requests.

While working for Toolkit Websites, I have taken part in many team activities outside work. To name a few. The Toolkit Bake off competition and Barclays Fantasy Football League. This has allowed us to build relationships and respect for each other that enables us to work better as a team and of course is all good fun. There are a lot of perks that come with working for Toolkit Websites such as evenings out as a company, breakfast bought for us every Monday morning and the occasional fast food Friday!

The skills I had to bring to the table for my role at Toolkit included experience of interacting with clients. Being able to communicate clearly and adapting my approach depending on the client was important as not everyone I spoke with was comfortable with computers and websites. My role relied on me to liaise with clients to keep them up to date on anything we were doing for them in a professional and friendly manner.

When it comes to editing a clients website, I needed to use a variety of other skills in order to style, format, lay-out and design the web pages. This involved using coding languages such as HTML and CSS, technical knowledge within the CMS and design skills such as Photoshop. This meant that my job varied every day, and I got to work with clients from every walk of life.

The team at Toolkit Websites is brilliant, very friendly yet hard-working and always putting the clients first. They strive to achieve the top standard no matter how big or small the task. I feel that I have made life long friends at Toolkit Websites whom I will stay in touch with. I could not of asked for a better team to be working with, they have given me a big insight into the Web Design industry. This has all been so beneficial to me as I am continuing my work in the website design industry for my next career move.

When working for Toolkit Websites you will always be learning as there is a constant steam of updates, improvements and new skills to learn. Toolkit Websites improve and better their standard and what they can do as a company everyday, meaning it's very dynamic, innovative and a company to be proud of.