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Toolkit's Guide to: Customising your Twitter Business page branding

Your Twitter account has a great opportunity for you to attract new clients/ customers, to make a brilliant first impression and to draw people in. With a large header photo, and the opportunity to add a profile photo also, you can be really creative with your branding on your Twitter business page.

Twitter's recommended dimensions for the header photo is 1500px in width and 500px in height. But the size that really works well we've found is 1500px (width) 421px (height)

The profile picture (like the Facebook one) is square, and the dimensions needed for this are 400 X 400.

We have a service where we can create a header image, and profile picture for your business page, using your existing branding. Whether you wanted to use elements from your website design, print work such as business cards or your logo... we can create custom made, great looking branding for your Social Media accounts.

Alternatively, you can have a go yourself. There are lots of free image editing software sites such as PicMonkey and Gimp.

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Some examples of great Twitter Branding can be found below: