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Website of the Week: Craig Morris Countryside Services

This week's website of the week goes to Craig Morris, Countryside Services, known for their complete pest control and wildlife management services for domestic, commercial and agricultural clients.

Craig Morris was looking for a website that was clear, concise and most of all, professional. The website uses a mixture of the clients own images, as well as carefully chosen stock images as to get across the right representation of his services.

Project Manager Andy started the project with the logo design. Creating a simplistic yet elegant logo, with the owl silhouette in flight. The lettering is nice on the eye and the two colour accents (brown and green) were used as the branding colour for the overall look and feel of the site.

The website also uses the Google Font "Open Sans" meaning that it's really slick and in keeping with the logo branding.

The website uses full width panels, which makes it feel very open plan and easy to follow. The internal pages use a slightly different layout, with a white background and images placed either to the left or right of the text that it relates to.

Each box has it's own colour background to differentiate them. In this case, Andy used a light greyscale so that it wasn't too much of a contrast colour.

The home page features a panel for "Accreditations" where Craig Morris has logos of the companies and partnerships he is a member of. This is a great idea in terms of gaining a customers trust or knowing that you are reputable. Having familiar logos such as the Buy With Confidence badge, and Wildlife Aware logo, you instantly know that the company is reliable and safe to use.

The client enjoyed his experience of building a website with us, and said:

"[Toolkit offer] clear uncluttered designs. Andy has been great. and all other points of contact have been polite and enthusiastic. I felt that I had a team of professionals working on my behalf to drive my project to completion."

Craig kindly awarded us 5 out of a possible 5 stars for his experience with Toolkit Websites!