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Southampton's Biggest Muay Thai/Mixed Martial Arts Show - Fast and Furious 14

A while back we published a blog post that talked a little bit about the sports that us guys at Toolkit Websites like to take part in.

I do Thai Boxing and am part of a great group in Southampton called Look Borai. Look Borai put on events throughout the year to give their fighters a chance to show what they can do in front of their home crowd.

The next one on August 30th is set to be bigger than the last and this time I will be on the fight card alongside my friends, fighting for our team and representing Southampton. It will be a great opportunity to come and support your local fighters, including me, as well as a lot of fun so if you're local to Southampton I truly recommend attending this brilliant event.

Read more about the actual event here

It will take place at Oceana, a nightclub venue, in the centre of Southampton. There will be around 15 fights in total ranging in fighting styles to different levels. You will see Thai Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and even some Boxing. For some fighters it will be one of their first fights and for others it will be the last hurdle towards battling for a belt and the chance to call themselves a title holder.

Tickets are available here

Looking to start Muay Thai or MMA yourself but not sure if it's for you? Attend the Exile open-day

 Fight shows are incredible events, there's nothing quite like them. Behind the scenes as well as in the ring in front of the crowd, there is so much atmosphere and emotion. But the fights truly begin weeks and weeks before this point, the fighters have all trained as much as they can and put blood, sweat and tears (literally, if you're me) to prepare themselves and to be at their peak. My fantastic coaches give me so much of their time and attention to make sure I'm ready and that I've improved. It is never a journey you take by yourself.

The Look Borai Trainers:

Fighters usually take a few days rest before the actual date of the show so as not to obtain any injuries and to give their bodies a chance to heal and be at full power for the big night. It is also likely that they will be dieting so as to make the weight of their fight which is common practice.

The Weigh-Ins are usually a chance to come face to face with your opponent for the first time and is the moment when everything starts to get dramatic. After that, it's time to get some food, water and rest before the real preparation begins.

All fighters and coaches from the different gyms retire to their own private quarters at the venue to warm up and wrap hands. The evening will start off with the less experienced fighters fighting first. These fights are usally 3 rounds long, each at anything from 1 minute to 3 minutes. Whilst the fights are happening in the ring, the fighters that are on later will be doing pads with coaches or training partners and getting ready themselves.

There can be any number of fights on a fight card but it's usually around 10 to 20 fights and the show will also leave the best til last. Each show will usually have one, sometimes even two or three 'Main Events.' These are often set up to find out who is the top fighter in their particular weight category. Sometimes this can be fighters from the same region, or country and occaisoinally, you will even get international fights with fighters travelling from different countries to try for a belt. These fights are action-packed and very exciting to witness.

Of course, by the end of the night, there will be wins and losses but it's the love of the sport that keeps everyone taking part, organising and coming to see these shows. Your opponent can become a good friend because at the end of the day, you put everything on the line for the sport you love and to see how far you've come.

Not everyone trains a martial art to use it in a ring or a cage, but even if you are not a fighter you get to support those you train with in their challenges and the reason why this show and all other shows are so enjoyable and sucessful is because of your gym family.

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