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The Power of Testimonials

With the internet at the tips of our fingers, buyers are more educated than ever, conducting extensive research and comparisons before making a purchase. Not only can they trawl through information about the products or services they are looking into purchasing, but they can now also access testimonials and other peoples experiences to help aid their decision.

Social media is now a large factor for increasing leads for new customers, mainly because social media accounts are platforms where your potential clients or customers can get to know your brand, read users experiences and make more informed decisions.

o2 dealing with a customer query on Twitter

You may have seen people take to social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to express their opinions about products or problems they've had with certain services. This is now a much more common occurrence, and it's great in the way that you can give your clients/customers a prompt response dealing with their query and resolving it as soon as possible. This also means that any query or issue resolved, can be seen by other users and therefore reinforces the reputation of your business.

If problems or issues are dealt with in an appropriate manner, with good grace and you have a good response time, this will indicate to others that they will receive the same treatment if they were a customer or client of yours. It really is that simple.

More importantly, the rise of the use of social media for information sharing means that people are able to leave positive and in-depth testimonials, feedback and reviews on their experiences with you, which is a powerful marketing tool. These are the items that are most likely to be read by potential business leads and the more you have the better the idea they are going to get about working with your business.

How do you get testimonials?

Simply by asking your current clients or customers for a testimonial or review will do the trick. The amount of people that are willing to leave feedback after working with you is high, especially if they have had a good experience with you.

Another way of reaching people is by having your clients or customers provide you with video testimonials. This is even more powerful as people will be able to see the client expressing their views in person. If someone has gone out of their way to create a video testimonial, they must have been impressed with the service provided.

You can also encourage your client base to leave reviews for you on Facebook, or on other sites such as Trip Advisor for the Hospitality sector, Motorcodes for Automotive industries, WWDC for the web design industry and more. There are plenty of places for people to choose from.

If your service is centred around you, and you need personal testimonials and accounts of people who have dealt with you, you should take a look at LinkedIn and ask for recommendations from your network. These are all effective ways of accumulating testimonials and feedback (constructive criticism welcome) that you can then use in your marketing material, and feature on your website and social media accounts.

Why are testimonials so important?

A review left on Toolkit Websites Facebook Page

Potential customers or clients can read real account views of what your existing client base thought of the services you provided. It's an unbiased way for people to make up their minds about a company, because the reviews are candid and genuine. They’re not full of buzzwords or advertisement lingo, they’re the words of everyday people. People that your target audience are going to be able to relate to and trust the opinion of.

Once you have received testimonials from clients and customers, you can add these to your website or simply share them on social media so that other people can see them. Your audience will be able to see these new testimonials in their feeds, and if they aren’t already, this may give them an incentive to sit up and pay attention to your products and services.

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