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How Social Media impacts on the Wedding Industry

It's easy to get Wedding Fever nowadays, with the multitude of social media platforms you can use to visualise, plan and get ideas for the big day. Gone are the days of carrying around wedding magazines with post-it-notes sticking out from every turned corner.

Now, the future brides of this generation can pin their ideas, scroll through endless possibilities and share their experiences, ideas and choices with family and friends in an easy to view, easy to share way.

So how has the wedding industry been changed by Social Media?

Well first things first, there is a lot more choice. With the internet at your finger tips you can compare venues, dresses, colour schemes, florists, photographers, caterers and more just by viewing their sites and clicking through the galleries and portfolios. And to make it easy, you can collate all of that research into once place. Your Social media accounts.

There are other Social Media platforms such as Lover.ly which are aimed purely at the wedding industry, where you can view colour swatches, dress styles and more all in one place. But the social media platform that has really rocked the wedding industry is Pinterest.

Acting as a virtual pinboard where you can create boards for separate categories or subjects, and share or invite your friends and family to comment, post and contribute, the possibilities really are endless. And with it being so visual and captivating, it's an easier, stress-free way to plan. We're sure that many florists and wedding planners have been directed to Pinterest boards as an example of theme or style. 

Another feature that Pinterest provides is having the option to have private boards. Meaning that all secret themes, ideas or even the actual dress the bride is going to wear, can be added to a board and kept top secret. You can invite certain members of the wedding party so that they can see the board too, but the board is kept private from any other prying eyes.

In the day and age of Social Media, privacy is something that new brides are most likely to worry about on their big day. The idea of your guests snapping pictures and uploading it to their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profiles may seem daunting to a newly wed couple who would probably prefer to vet any images before they are made public. After all, it's your special day! Some people ban their wedding party from this by asking them not to, it's very common in the celebrity world for phones etc to be banned from a reception altogether!

For those that don't mind their wedding being documented on social media, and want to be able to access any images uploaded in case they want to keep a copy for themselves, there are a few things that you can do in order to prepare. One is by setting up a specific hashtag for people to use if uploading images or information about your wedding, so that any moments captured by friends can be shared after the big event.

All in all, Social Media has had a huge impact on the Wedding Industry in all areas. Privacy is certainly one down side to those that want a private or cosy affair, but in terms of the planning and preparation, it makes things easier and simpler to organise.

Mashable have also written a great article about how Social media has changed the face of the wedding industry.

Our Client Care Manager David is getting married this year, as the groom, he feels that Social Media has an overly positive affect on Wedding Preparation. He says: "Social Media has made the process of saving the date, inviting and communicate information about the big day far easier and more accessible for our guests. My soon to be wife also has also taken to Pinterest in a big way, using it to collate her ideas and styles whilst sharing them privately with her bridesmaids and basically anyone who isn't me!"