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5 Free Icons Sets to Smarten Up your Website Design [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Just for you lucky readers of the Toolkit Blog, we’ve done a round up of 5 excellent icon sets you can download right now for free. 

Icons are a quick and easy way to add visual flair to your website design. Sets of icons contain something for every business or industry. They also help bring all your elements together with one powerful visual style.

With our brains processing images 60,000 times faster than words, you’ll be engaging with visitors a lot faster than you thought possible. Let’s dive in!

1) 120 Free Sports Icons

This set of sports icons are great for a sports centre, personal trainer, gym, or school. There are 4x40 icons - 120 in total - and they're sorted in folder for different image formats and styles.

Download these 120 Sports Icons for free!

2. 50 Free Construction Icons

This set is great for any business in the building or construction industry. They are in a style commonly referred to as 'stroke icons' and can bring a real clean aesthetic to your site.

Download these 50 Construction Icons for free!

3. 71 Free Traffic & Transportation Icons

Perfect for the transportation industry! These pixel perfect traffic and transportation can help users instantly understand your message, in any language! Is it a motorbike? Is it an ambulance? Let them know, with these 71 free icons.

Download these 71 Traffic & Transportation Icons for free!

4. 50 Free Home & Public Library Icons

For that cosy feeling of sitting down with a book and a brew look no further than these home & public library icons. Ideal for a library, bookshop, cafe, interior designer, or architect. 

Download these 50 Home & Public Library Icons for free!

5. 45 Free Subtly Social Icons

Everyone needs some great looking social icons on their website. They are recognised instantly all over the world. While these icons stray slightly from some branding guidelines they still perform great no matter what industry your business is in!

Download these 45 Free Subtly Social Icons for free!