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Social Etiquette in the Web Design Industry

"Technical people can’t speak to normal people and have no social etiquette."

Often times, when you have a technical issue, you will speak to someone who has expert knowledge on the issue at hand. Some of what they say may go completely over your head, and a lot of it you will not understand. 

Unfortunately, when you are speaking to someone who is an 'expert' on something or have specialised knowledge in a subject that you are discussing, it is going to come across as though they are speaking technically and that you will not understand.

Trust us, we've been stuck on the phone to phone companies, utility companies and more and have been just as baffled as anyone else at the jargon being used! 

It's an everyday occurence, it's inevitable that you're not always going to understand the process of something. But that's okay. Because we're happy to go over this with our clients in a simplified and clear way, until they do understand. Worried about going over it for the hundreth time? Don't be. We don't mind! And we know that it's much better (and puts people at ease) when they know what is happening and understand the details. 

If you've come to a company like Toolkit Websites, you've already given an 'expert' the task of doing something you aren't able to do yourself (or don't have the time to.) So sit back and relax. When it comes to your website build, we've got it covered.

When we do hand the reigns over to you, we provide full and unlimited training. It will then soon be YOUR turn to be the expert, and you'll be teaching your colleagues, friends or family on how to use The Toolkit to update your website. They may just look at you with confusion or ask you to repeat yourself a few times... that's normal. 

As for social etiquette, our Support Team are equipped at handling any query or question you have. Worried that you need more time to spend on the project and you want to push the deadline back? We're not robots! Of course we'll look at setting a more appropriate deadline. We can offer advice on all elements of your website build, we can even have a chat with you about the weather or the latest Game of Thrones episode... we are reachable on the phone (within 3 rings!) and it doesn't matter how many times you call us. We can assist you when it comes to using our system to update your website, or any queries you may have whilst your website project is in build. 

There are lots more stereotypes that our industry have been labelled with. A lot of people assume that all web developers and designers are men for example. This is another myth, as we have some serious girl power in our project management team, design team, social media marketing team and the support team too! But rather than take offence or be upset by the labels we are given, we're very happy to demolish them.

We work every day to improve on our work, beat our own records, always give our best and continue producing the passionate support, quality design and tools for our clients to get the best our of their website project. Just take a look at our client testimonials and portfolio for evidence!

Why not give us a call on 02380 633 644 today, to get started on your website project?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Members of the Toolkit Team