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iOS vs Android: In the words of a convert.

The Apple Watch was the final straw...

I recently took the leap from iOS to Android and it's the best decision I've made in some time (except for attempting to grow a beard and proposing to my girlfriend).

Being an Apple fan for over 6 years I've never known anything different, but that's the point. Apple has continued to be the same, especially in terms of the iPhone, for a long time. Any changes to it's latest releases have been minor, or they've been slight improvements to a product that has been available to the general public for a while.

Given all the rave reviews from colleagues and friends using Android, I decided to take what will now be at least a 24-month sabbatical from iOS (and Apple) in general. Within 2 days of being on Android I found the phone size, speed, customisation, and simplicity far superior to that of my old iPhone 5.

I chose the HTC One M9 because of the fantastic reviews the HTC One M8 received in recent years.

The Apps, highlights area and customisable themes make the phone more unique to me but retains the same areas that everyone now uses their phones for (apps, apps and more apps).

The size of the phone is also fantastic for rendering websites on, which is a big benefit for me especially given the industry I work within. It makes mobile testing far easier.

For me there are a few glaring advantages to having an Android phone over iOS, and these are:

Cost - Monthly contracts are far cheaper as you're not paying for the Apple logo on your device.

No more iTunes - Although deleting this would have been easy, I no longer need to worry about my iPhone playing U2's latest album whenever my Spotify pauses.

Widgets - Widgets allow you to pick and choose how you want your Android phone to work and function. This level of customisation is incredible and allows you to have exactly the phone you want. It's a relief not being forced to have the Apple Watch app just because you've upgraded the software... Android is far more personal whereas I found Apple to be very generic.

Themes - Pick and choose pre designed themes to style your background, widgets and app screens. A huge range of colours, styles and widget designs to pick from mean you can have a cool and uniquely styled design on all your screens/apps.

As a summary, I wouldn't say I'll never go back to Apple. If they were to come up with something a little more bespoke than finger print recognition, within their operating system, and take more of an Android approach in terms of making your phone 'yours,' it looks like I'll be sticking with Android for the foreseeable.

Android sum it up well, with their slogan 'Be Together- But not the same.'

Client Care Manager - David.