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Feeling Social?

When it comes to marketing your website, did you know that you have a FREE and very powerful tool at the tips of your fingers?

Social Media is the perfect way to reach your potential target audience, raise awareness of your brand, interact with your existing clients and more, without cost.

If you don’t have Social Media accounts for your company already, let us try and persuade you to give it a go. All you need to do is sign up!

You want to stay ahead of your competition right?

You can improve your market knowledge, and get ahead of your competitors by using Social Media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

How? Because you can monitor what your competitors are up to on Social Media too. Not only can you see what information they are posting but you can see how successful their Social Media pages are. With this kind of intel, it allows you to make decisions that will impact on your strategy. Whether it’s to follow in a similar vein or do something completely different, Social Media can be your insight into what others are getting out of your competitors and how you can get ahead of the game.

You want to increase your website traffic and search ranking.

Who doesn’t?

Social Media is the perfect place to promote and attempt to direct people to your website pages. You can use Social Media to advertise, entice and bring people over to take a look at what you have to offer, without giving all of the information away on your Social Media pages.

The more good quality and fresh, engaging content you put out there, the better your Search Engine ranking will be. It’s simple really.

You want to know what your customers/ clients want?

Okay, so Social Media isn’t going to give you the gift of reading minds, but it will give you a great deal of knowledge about your intended audience.

You can see what types of people you are attracting to your pages, what their interests are, what country they live in, whether they are male or female and you can even see at what time they are most active on Social Media… knowledge is power. And a brilliant thing to have when deciding on your next product/ service/ business strategy.

You want to hear your clients/ customers feedback?
But you want to have the ability to moderate it just in case…

No problem. You can interact with your clients or customers via Social Media and hear their feedback. Whether it’s constructive or simply a raving review, it’s a good thing for people to see how well you deal with criticism or praise. A swift and modest response will do you the world of good, and having complete control over your pages, and putting your stamp on how you run your business is key.

You want to bring about brand awareness and advertise your company

But you have a budget?

Social Media lets you increase brand awareness, advertise your business and all the services/ products you have, and it increases your audience reach with little to no cost. Social Media is a FREE marketing platform. And if you aren’t already taking advantage of it, you really should get started right away.

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