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Website of the Week - Lucent Talking

This week's website of the week goes to Lucent Talking for their clear and positive content supported by a bright design and use of Social Media.

Lucent Talking are a company that offer mediation, facilitation and mentoring services. They use advanced communication skills and techniques in their daily work and so required a website to represent them online and help reach out to those on the web.

The design is bold and professional whilst warm and inviting. The colour scheme of dark blue and orange is complimentary whilst being memorable and the stock images that allegorically represent the ideals of Lucent Talking have been customised to suit the new colours.

The logo design for Lucent Talking was also designed especially by our Design Team. Text based logos can be very professional looking and due to the huge number of fonts being created every day, it can be made perfectly bespoke to your company in a variety of layouts and styles.

As mentioned, the content on this website is well laid out in specialised page dressings. It's visually
easy to absorb and digest which is the exact intention of a company dedicated to making communication 'Lucent' for their clients.

As well as speaking to clients and potential clients through their fantastic looking website, Lucent Talking took this one stage further and really made the most of what Social Media has to offer them in this day and age. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger, Lucent Talking uses them all as a platform to demonstrate what they can do for others on a more personable and personal level. All styled accordingly to suit the website and to strengthen their brand.

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