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Is your Mother on Facebook?

With the internet still being relatively new to the generation that didn't grow up with mobile phones, the internet and other mods and cons we have these days, the idea of signing up "online" or "surfing the net" is a daunting and alien experience for some generations.

Nowadays nearly everything can be done online. Gone are the days where you need to take a day out of your week for the weekly shop. You can bung all your items into a virtual basket, check them out on your credit card and have them delivered to your doorstep in your chosen allocated time slot. You can hangout with friends and family on Skype or have a catch up with a long lost friend on Facebook. You don't need to queue for hours to meet your favourite celebrity, you can send them Tweets to grab their attention on Twitter. You don't need to get your pen and paper out to pen a letter or a story, emails have replaced mail and blogs have replaced journals... The list goes on.

Project Manager Lanara gets a Tweet back from her favourite author!

With the world literally at your fingertips, people can organise and facilitate their lives and businesses online, from all over the world, just by having internet access.

Roughly 70 percent of college students surveyed in a recent study said that they are now friends with one or both of their parents on Facebook. The increase of 'adults' on Facebook (to the horror of teens and young adults) is actually a very good thing. Although it has seemingly had the younger generations deflecting to Twitter or Instagram. When it comes to business, having the older generations become more technology and social media savvy is a promising start for those businesses that have yet to gain an online presence.

A survey by Yodle, an online marketing platform, showed that only half of small businesses have websites, and that only about one in 10 small businesses have figured out how to use social media or online advertising to market their product. With the opportunity to gain extensive exposure, and free marketing to target their desired audiences, a lot of people are asking why small business owners are not using readily available technology to better establish and grow their businesses. In particular social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

The first place many people look these days, when they need an answer to something, is to look online. And if that service provider doesn’t have a website, (or they have one that doesn't do the job) it is discounted almost immediately. Today's internet users are all about convenience, and tapping a few keys on a keyboard and grabbing the information from a web page is a common occurrence in day to day life.

Businesses that don't have a web presence are not the only ones in danger of being left behind. There are plenty of websites out there that are very dated, need a revamp and don't have relevant information that their customers or clients would be needing or looking for. If your business doesn't have clear instructions on how to visit you, you won't be found. If your business doesn't have a list of products or services easily available, another competitor who does have that information laid out well may win the business. If your business doesn't have up to date and relevant content, web pages that do will be favoured over yours.

If you're one of the 30 percent of people whose parents haven't ventured into this realm of technology yet... this Mother's day may be the day to convince them to take the plunge! Whether they run a florist, photography company, lawyers firm or something else, their business would benefit from a bespoke and professionally made website to give them the online presence their business deserves. With a portfolio that covers an extensive range of industries and showcases a large variety of designs, our portfolio is well worth flicking through.

We also have social media services where we can set up a company social media or blogger account, style and brand it to match the company branding and help you get the wheels turning.

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