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Commonwealth Day - Educational One Page Websites


What is Commonwealth Day?

Commonwealth Day is celebrated across the Commonwealth by young people, schools, communities and civil society organisations on the second Monday in March every year. It provides an opportunity to promote understanding on global issues, international co-operation and the work of Commonwealth organisations

The theme this year is a "young" commonwealth, which is all about focusing on the fact that the youth play a vital role in democracy, and to encourage interest in it. #YoungCommonwealth.

Someone who is keen on having young people have a chance to be the voice of the country, and to generate more interest in the Monarchy, the Commonwealth and more is CEO of MonarchyOnline.org Kaz Aston.

Monarchy OnLine is a free web-based resource to help people, whatever age, have fun while learning more about the Monarchy. Working together with other monarchists and businesses Monarchy OnLine promotes education, arranges not for profit social events and frequently assists with charity fundraising. They also have close links with TV, radio, newspapers and social media to share features and information.

One Page Website Designs:

When it comes to promoting her work and projects online, Kaz has two main sites that has all of the information and resources you need to learn about her work, how to get involved and how to get in contact.

To engage her target audience, she wanted some one-page websites that were visually appealing, informative and that let people get to the information they want straight away.

On the right, you can see each of the four sites pictured.

Kazaston.london promotes the charity work Kaz does in sports, media and PR & Brand identity.

With easy to find links you can click on the category you are interested in, and be directed to the right place.

The second one, Gogirl.London features the #gogirl awards that Kaz and her team at Monarchy Online have put together.

The idea is that the amazing efforts of younger females will be recognised in order to maintain and reward their inspirational efforts and to get more young females involved in such events.

These one page sites have panels, that contain the seperate sections of information, meaning that it is visually appealing to read. The design relies heavily on the small details, the graphics and the way the content is laid out. The idea behind it is to keep it simple but to pack the content with rich copy and visual aids.

The third of the four sites is for the MS Clear Guide.

This one features the same full width panel layout, but as you can see they all look completely different from the other meaning that you are aware that you are viewing a different topic entirely.

The MS Clear guide highlights what is already on Kaz's main site, but shows it in a clear and concise way.

The website has links back to the main site for people that want to read more about it, but this site is designed to feature the clear guide in a way that is not foreboding or too scientific. The aim is to reach people who may have been newly diagnosed or have a family/friend that has, and the information is there to be a friendly voice and reassurance about what it's like living with the disease.

The last of the four sites is for the Monarchy Online main site. A landing page that means people can be redirected straight to the information on the main site that they are looking for without too much hassle.

The beauty of these one page websites is that it does not limit you in the amount of text you have, but it does force you to be more concise. It makes you consider what is important to have on the page, and edit out anything that is just there as a filler.

The result is a clear cut, concise and helpful website, which looks good, functions well and will perk the viewers interest.

Any industry can purchase a one page site to promote their business, whether it's used as their main site, or a subsidiary like the sites seen and discussed above.

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