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What it's like to be an appentice, at Toolkit Websites... Natasha Lock

My name is Natasha Lock and I am doing an apprenticeship here at Toolkit Websites. I have been working here for just over a month now and I can honesty say that I have learnt so much already.

The achievement I felt even after my first day was incredible. Coming here I had very little knowledge on this industry but even after the first day it had felt like I had been here for a week. The trust and support that everyone gave me made me feel welcome and comfortable straight away. I was given a lot of responsibility from the start, which meant that I had to adapt very quickly, this involved having to communicate with the project managers and my other colleagues so they could teach me about HTML and various other tasks.

My expectations of working here were quite high as throughout the interview and trial day I got to see a taste of what an outstanding company Toolkit Websites is. I originally assumed that my main job role would be editing content for our clients and this would be the knowledge I would gain. I can happily say that they fulfilled my expectations and some! Not only have I gained a huge amount of knowledge in editing live and new websites, and how to use The Toolkit (our very own system where we manage all the content for the website) but I have also learnt about HTML and CSS (web code) and dealing with customers directly. Being someone who is very keen on developing and learning new skills I was very glad that my job role was wider than expected.

The positive atmosphere between the team at toolkit makes coming to work something to look forward to. I truly believe that this is down to the exceptional management skills of Marcus Green and David Swan who are always keen to make everyone happy within the workplace. Since I have been here I have had the opportunity to go on two of Toolkit Websites monthly team activities- Bowling and Go Karting! When we went bowling, it was on my second day working here so it was a good way for me to get to know everyone on the team.

Over the next year I am really looking forward to seeing how much further my skills can develop and to seeing if there is any particular task that suits me best. I am also looking forward to seeing how much technology develops and how this could benefit Toolkit Websites in the future.