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Website of the Week - Wild Thing

Products Chosen:
Wild Things: Organic Paleo
Raw, organic and paleo snacks
Reading, Berkshire
Why We Love It:

This week's Website of the Week is a client of ours based in Reading. Not too far away from our team in Southampton who really enjoyed putting together this exciting and exotic looking website.

Wild Thing offer nutritious, yet convenient, snack food. Interestingly they say "It's great for fitness training, endurance training, to fuel a workout or whether you're a busy caveman in the office trying to keep fit and healthy." Which was the inspiration behind this colourful and abstract theme.

The pages are filled with custom graphics that imitate primitive drawings you might find on a prehistoric cave wall. Of course this represents these healthy, organic morsels that are perfect for anyone looking to follow the basic, 'paleo' diet.

Each page has been dressed separately to follow this delightful style with a lot of the text displayed in a handwritten font alongside bright photos of the Wild Thing Bars and their natural looking ingredients. Even the Social Media icons and Enquiry Form have been set up using these quirky textures, colours and shapes.

Overall, this is a fun looking website complimentary to the product it is promoting. It will be fun for visitors to the website to explore visually. Keep an eye out especially for the fun Send Button hover over effect on the Contact Page.

If you're looking for a website design that delights and a Project Manager that will get excited with you about your great product then just get in touch with us at Toolkit Websites. We can't wait to see what we can do for you.