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Website of the Week - 360ict Ltd

This week, our Web Design Southampton team are excited to bring you this fantastic site and mobile site for 360ict.

Recently we've brought you a lot of uniquely memorable websites in terms of design and composition. Featuring themes that stay with you and are a complete extension visually of the product or company they represent. This is perfect for creating an enjoyable browsing and learning experience and for introducing what you have to offer the world on the web.

This week's website is no exception with its bright yet professional orange and grey colour scheme. But what if you need your website to do more for you like 360ict. They needed a website that their clients could interact with and that allowed them to start making use of their services even prior to becoming a client. This creates an immediate relationship as well as an ongoing one by keeping existing clients coming back to the site in the years to come.

The website features two bespoke calculators that help users easily work out exactly what services they require and how much it will cost in terms of Technical Support from 360ict. You simply input the number of people and different offices using the system and cross reference this with a number of add on options such as 'On-Site Support' or 'Remote Back Ups and Restores' being included. The calculator then gives you a Total Monthly Fee for you to play around with and compare to your budget.

The second calculator is even more advanced and includes the option of 'Cloud' services compared to On-Site Services! This makes 360ict truly flexible and advanced in what they offer and their website more than helps to reflect that.

As well as these useful calculators, the website features a remote Support Login Area and booking system so that the staff at 360ict can help their clients with any technical issues they are experiencing remotely as well as on-site. And a blog to stay even more connected on a personal level with all their clients, providing an archive of useful information for anyone's perusal. This website in itself gives anyone multiple reasons to choose them as their Technical Support Team. Whatever your field might be, 360ict and their website will make any technical or software issues a thing of the past, no longer able to hold you back and will give you complete peace of mind from day to day.

Lastly, this client also opted for our Mobile Website Service to make life even easier for any of their clients or potential clients who use mobile devices. The best thing about our Mobile Service is that it is all still integrated into our Content Management System, The Toolkit. This means that 360ict can help keep both versions of their website up to date with news, relevant to their business and even optimised for Search Engines like Google at every opportunity.

If you want your website to do more for your business or you're interested in becoming more accessible for mobile device users then get in touch with our Team at Toolkit Websites in Southampton.