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Website of the Week - 360ict Ltd

This week, our Web Design Southampton team are excited to bring you this fantastic site and mobile site for 360ict.

Recently we've brought you a lot of uniquely memorable websites in terms of design and composition. Featuring themes that stay with you and are a complete extension visually of the product or company they represent. This is perfect for creating an enjoyable browsing and learning experience and for introducing what you have to offer the world on the web.

This week's website is no exception with its bright yet professional orange and grey colour scheme. But what if you need your website to do more for you like 360ict. They needed a website that their clients could interact with and that allowed them to start making use of their services even prior to becoming a client. This creates an immediate relationship as well as an ongoing one by keeping existing clients coming back to the site in the years to come.

The website features two bespoke calculators that help users easily work out exactly what services they require and how much it will cost in terms of Technical Support from 360ict. You simply input the number of people and different offices using the system and cross reference this with a number of add on options such as 'On-Site Support' or 'Remote Back Ups and Restores' being included. The calculator then gives you a Total Monthly Fee for you to play around with and compare to your budget.

The second calculator is even more advanced and includes the option of 'Cloud' services compared to On-Site Services! This makes 360ict truly flexible and advanced in what they offer and their website more than helps to reflect that.

As well as these useful calculators, the website features a remote Support Login Area and booking system so that the staff at 360ict can help their clients with any technical issues they are experiencing remotely as well as on-site. And a blog to stay even more connected on a personal level with all their clients, providing an archive of useful information for anyone's perusal. This website in itself gives anyone multiple reasons to choose them as their Technical Support Team. Whatever your field might be, 360ict and their website will make any technical or software issues a thing of the past, no longer able to hold you back and will give you complete peace of mind from day to day.

Lastly, this client also opted for our Mobile Website Service to make life even easier for any of their clients or potential clients who use mobile devices. The best thing about our Mobile Service is that it is all still integrated into our Content Management System, The Toolkit. This means that 360ict can help keep both versions of their website up to date with news, relevant to their business and even optimised for Search Engines like Google at every opportunity.

If you want your website to do more for your business or you're interested in becoming more accessible for mobile device users then get in touch with our Team at Toolkit Websites in Southampton.
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Is your website ready for 2015 or is it time for a facelift?

This is the year of the “Website Redesign.” Multiple companies and start-ups are relaunching their websites with an image overhaul… with good reason.

Technology is changing, web design trends come and go and it's essential that your business keeps up to date and ahead of the times, because if you don’t… you’re in danger of being left behind.  There are many factors and reasons as to why you may go ahead and get a website redesign. But do you really need one and where do you start?

Firstly, if you feel it’s time for a change, a redesign can consist of a total image overhaul. This includes changing the design of your website in terms of colours, logo branding and the website layout. If you feel your image is looking outdated and your branding is looking tired, we have a service where we can take a look at your existing website with you and tell you what WE would change if it were up to us. As always, we take on board all of our client’s needs and wishes, but we’re always on hand with our expertise in web design, if you need our suggestion.

How does your website look when compared to your industry competitors’? It is also a great idea to take a look at website designs that provide a similar service to you, and see how their websites function. If they have a modern looking website, with call to actions, content which is rich in keywords and user friendly, you may want to re-evaluate those elements on your website also.

Redesigning a website isn’t purely focused on changing the look and feel though. The functionality, navigation, loading speed, frequency of content being updated, and search engine optimisation are all things that can be tweaked and improved as part of a website redesign to relaunch your business website.

If you aren’t a client of Toolkit Websites, and you don’t have a content management system (CMS) that you can use to update your website yourself, you may want to read a little more about The Toolkit and what you can do with it. As many of our clients know, a CMS is a compulsory item to have nowadays when owning a website. It allows for easy updating, and is the perfect place for you to optimise your website, keep the content fresh and engaging and offers a convenient way of managing enquiries incoming from your website.

“Why would I want a CMS and how will that help my website succeed?” You might be asking. Well, search engines (such as Google) are big fans of websites that are updated regularly. If you spend time on your website and give it some tender loving care by keeping your content fresh and engaging, updating your images, text, links and more… the better your website will do in Search Engine Rankings. Where does the CMS come into this? It’s the very tool that allows you to make those changes, whenever you want to 24/7! And at Toolkit Websites, we are true believers in self-help. We are here to teach, train and assist you in using the Toolkit to update your website yourself once it is live.

Another way to gauge whether your website would benefit from a redesign is by taking a look at your Google Analytics statistics. Google Analytics is a free service where you can login and see how many people have viewed your website, what keywords they typed in to find you, what device they are using to view your website and more. If certain pages (such as the home page) are not getting as many hits as other areas of your website, you could always look at focusing on those pages that are under performing, in your redesign. Again, our redesign service can include having your Project Manager take a look at the pages you feel are under performing and create a wireframe with a suggestion of how you could lay it out to improve it. This may include adding graphics, styling it better, or giving the entire page an overhaul.

What about improving the SEO? Search Engine Optimisation is a phrase that strikes fear into a lot of people. This mysterious entity that has a lot of mystery surrounding it that seems overly technical and is changing all the time! In reality, it isn’t as difficult to understand as you may think. And, by using The Toolkit, it’s easy enough for you to control your search engine optimisation alongside third party services such as Google Analytics.  As part of your redesign, you can work with your account manager to define keywords or phrases that you’d like to work with, and you can take advantage of our SEO services to enhance the hard work you would have already put into your website yourself.

There are many more things you can include when getting your website redesigned. You could look at having a mobile site created so that when people view it on their mobile devices it is easy to access and navigate. You could add social media feeds, to keep people up to date with your social media platforms. You could take a look through a whole range of different functionalities, services and products that we have on offer that could add something to your website that it doesn’t have currently.

Whatever your reason for a redesign, call us on 02380 633 644 to have a chat with a friendly member of the team. We’re happy to take a look at your current site, offer our suggestions on how to improve it, and give you a no obligation quote. We are passionate about Web Design and we’re passionate about our websites.
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What it's like to be an apprentice, at Toolkit Websites... Robyn Page

My name is Robyn Page and I started an apprenticeship at Toolkit Websites around a month and a half ago, in this time I have become a confident member of the Toolkit team. Learning the basics here was stress free and inspiring on many levels as the whole team made me feel so welcome and willing to help whenever I needed it.

On my first day at Toolkit Websites I was quite nervous as I had little to no experience in the industry, but I needn’t of worried as Toolkit Management know exactly how to train beginners in a way that eases you in, learning each stage as a step gave me time to fully absorb everything before learning the next role. First I learnt how to make simple edits to our clients website and day-by-day I grew more and more confident. By week two I was begging to use web HTML and CSS coding to do more advanced edits and design styling.

After few weeks I couldn’t believe how much I had learnt and how crucial every role here was in providing the best service to the clients and that is exactly what Toolkit Websites provides, which makes me extremely proud to be a member of the team.

As the weeks have progressed I have been given more and more responsibility in which I have been learning how to manage all of our clients support queries whilst always following the correct protocol when answering various different client emails and messages. It’s great that I’m encouraged to use my own initiative when providing clients with the help and direction needed, from the smallest to most intricate of questions. As a Passionate Support Member I pride myself in providing clients with all the necessary help and support they need to manage their websites with us.

I’m delighted to be a part of a very strong team and I believe one of the reasons for this is down to the team outings held once a month. I have been here to experience two so far, bowling and Go-karting they have been really fun and everyone is just as supportive out of work, which builds trust and pushes me to want to achieve more.

Marcus Green and David Swan are extremely dedicated and it shows in the understanding, support, care that they give to the clients, myself and the entire team here at Toolkit Websites. We have weekly meetings which are hosted by Marcus and they’re another great way for the team to get together and discuss the week’s activities and what is the aim for the coming days. A trophy is even given to a member of the team each week and to my delight last week it was awarded to me, which made me feel even more apart of this outstanding team.

I am very excited to see what the year has in store for me and how much more I will learn. I can’t of asked for a more dedicated, passionate caring work place to gain these skills. I enjoy coming in to work every morning, which I know many people cannot say themselves. I feel very lucky to have been given this opportunity and will continue to give 100% in all I do here.

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Website of the Week - Wild Thing

Products Chosen:
Wild Things: Organic Paleo
Raw, organic and paleo snacks
Reading, Berkshire
Why We Love It:

This week's Website of the Week is a client of ours based in Reading. Not too far away from our team in Southampton who really enjoyed putting together this exciting and exotic looking website.

Wild Thing offer nutritious, yet convenient, snack food. Interestingly they say "It's great for fitness training, endurance training, to fuel a workout or whether you're a busy caveman in the office trying to keep fit and healthy." Which was the inspiration behind this colourful and abstract theme.

The pages are filled with custom graphics that imitate primitive drawings you might find on a prehistoric cave wall. Of course this represents these healthy, organic morsels that are perfect for anyone looking to follow the basic, 'paleo' diet.

Each page has been dressed separately to follow this delightful style with a lot of the text displayed in a handwritten font alongside bright photos of the Wild Thing Bars and their natural looking ingredients. Even the Social Media icons and Enquiry Form have been set up using these quirky textures, colours and shapes.

Overall, this is a fun looking website complimentary to the product it is promoting. It will be fun for visitors to the website to explore visually. Keep an eye out especially for the fun Send Button hover over effect on the Contact Page.

If you're looking for a website design that delights and a Project Manager that will get excited with you about your great product then just get in touch with us at Toolkit Websites. We can't wait to see what we can do for you.
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What it's like to be an appentice, at Toolkit Websites... Natasha Lock

My name is Natasha Lock and I am doing an apprenticeship here at Toolkit Websites. I have been working here for just over a month now and I can honesty say that I have learnt so much already.

The achievement I felt even after my first day was incredible. Coming here I had very little knowledge on this industry but even after the first day it had felt like I had been here for a week. The trust and support that everyone gave me made me feel welcome and comfortable straight away. I was given a lot of responsibility from the start, which meant that I had to adapt very quickly, this involved having to communicate with the project managers and my other colleagues so they could teach me about HTML and various other tasks.

My expectations of working here were quite high as throughout the interview and trial day I got to see a taste of what an outstanding company Toolkit Websites is. I originally assumed that my main job role would be editing content for our clients and this would be the knowledge I would gain. I can happily say that they fulfilled my expectations and some! Not only have I gained a huge amount of knowledge in editing live and new websites, and how to use The Toolkit (our very own system where we manage all the content for the website) but I have also learnt about HTML and CSS (web code) and dealing with customers directly. Being someone who is very keen on developing and learning new skills I was very glad that my job role was wider than expected.

The positive atmosphere between the team at toolkit makes coming to work something to look forward to. I truly believe that this is down to the exceptional management skills of Marcus Green and David Swan who are always keen to make everyone happy within the workplace. Since I have been here I have had the opportunity to go on two of Toolkit Websites monthly team activities- Bowling and Go Karting! When we went bowling, it was on my second day working here so it was a good way for me to get to know everyone on the team.

Over the next year I am really looking forward to seeing how much further my skills can develop and to seeing if there is any particular task that suits me best. I am also looking forward to seeing how much technology develops and how this could benefit Toolkit Websites in the future.
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