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Website of the Week - R Taylor Plastering Solutions

Name: R Taylor Plastering Solutions
Services: Full Refurbishment, Skimming, Rendering
Location: Sheffield

Products Chosen:
One Page Website
Custom Form
Large Thumbnail Gallery

Why We Love It:

Our Team in Southampton are quite excited about this one as it's a great example of how you can build an entire website with just one page! A lot of companies don't need pages and pages of information and images to describe what they do, they just want a professional looking calling card that allows potential clients to find them on the web and get in touch quickly and easily.

It clearly states the services they offer, where they are based and looks good while doing so. This website is elegantly simple, using modern looking full width panels to separate each section for easy reading. It also has attractive little grooves on each strip, perfect representation for RTP Solutions' line of work and great for standing out from the competition.

With a one page website, you will also get a free Gallery page as well as a Custom Form. Utilising the Large Thumbnails and the Lightbox function, the R Taylor Plastering Gallery can show off nicely the variety of projects that they have worked on in the past. And the custom form, styled with some charming drop shadows and an interactive Google Map, invites anyone coming across the website to easily make an enquiry.

So if you think you need a website, but don't have the need for pages and pages of written content then get in touch with our Team in Southampton to talk about what a One Page Website could do for your business.