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SEO for small business owners

Our experience and expertise of working with small business owners has taught us that the small business budget is often suited to focusing on one or more targeted phrases for search engine rankings at one time. Your marketing plan needs to be clear, concise and focused on the main area or selling point of your business.

You can't compete with Apple.com for example, without having the same size budget and as powerful a standing in the economy as that company. So while it's great to aim high, it's more realistic to pick a specialised need you can fulfill within your target market.

If the phrases or keywords you're trying to rank well for aren't competitive (for example, you are in a niche business and do not have many competitors in your industry) then getting good placement is fairly straightforward.

However, if your phrase is competitive, such as “Web Designer Southampton” then you're going to need to make your site worthy of ranking well, and to stand out from your competitors. You are not going to be the only person trying to achieve a high ranking on search engines for a more generic or broad set of keywords or phrases.

You will need to do your research and carefully select what keywords or phrases you would like to focus on, that are relevant and will be beneficial to your website.

Getting to the top of search engine results pages means earning it. Google in particular are constantly tweaking their algorithm formulas, so cutting corners, or using black hat techniques are just not going to cut it. In order for your website to rank well, you’ll need to put the hard work, time and effort into the site in order to achieve this.

You can get good rankings by simply building a good quality site. If you are building and constructing your site with search engines in mind, or you are determined in trying to figure out how search engines choose to rank sites, you’re doing your website more harm than good.

The idea is that you build your website with the user in mind. If the user has the best experience whilst navigating and using your website, Google will be able to see this and reward you for it….

So the next question is “How will my design impact the success of my optimisation?”