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Choosing your domain and how it can help with SEO

The best domain names combine 2 factors:
  • They contain a keyword or keywords relevant to your business (so a service or the company name)
  • They are short and easy to remember
Your domain name may simply be your business name, a shortened version of your business name, or a version of your business name that is slightly altered to incorporate a keyword that is related to your business services.

For example, if your business was called TK Company, you could incorporate a keyword or phrase that may be a service you offer, into the domain such as tkwebsitedesign.co.uk

The keyword/phrase here is website design.

You will quickly discover, when you begin researching domain names, that a lot of the shorter or more generic addresses are already taken. Don't give up though, keep trying variations until you find something that really works for you.

You can even use this free tool to see which domains are available.We always advise clients to stick with a co.uk suffix if they're a British based business, but feel free to branch out to the .com .net .biz etc. if you cannot find the availability for the .co.uk.

Normally, we would recommend against adding a hyphen into the website address, because a hyphen is something easily missed. People may type the domain name into their browser by memory, and may not remember that you have a hyphen in the middle of your business name. This could result in them not finding your site, or worse, landing on someone else’s site.

Some people choose to have a domain name that does not include the company name. Instead, opting for the domain to be the main service they provide. For example, the company could be called TK Cars, and the domain name could be www.carrentalservices.co.uk

It depends on whether you feel people will remember the business name in order to search for you, or the service you provide.

Upon beginning a website project with Toolkit Websites, we will register a website address for you. If you are unsure what website address would suit your website, feel free to discuss this with your project manager who will be able to talk you through your options.

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