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Website of the Week - Seymour Sloan

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Seymour Sloan
Management Consulting
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Why we Love it:

Our Southampton Team really wanted to come up with a professional and dramatic look for this interesting, London-based company. They have a very original approach to Corporate and Customer Strategy and needed a classically fashionable website to attract new clients.

This website uses different black and white images as the backgrounds for each page. This gives the website a very glamorous and stylish design with flashes of the signature duck egg blue from their company colours. It's dressed to impress and makes a memorable first impression.

This website also makes use of a couple of great navigational features.

The Page Search Bar, ever present in the top right hand corner, allows visitors to the website to search for a topic or keyword of their choice and if a page on the site uses this word, it will appear underneath.

If the potential client doesn't have anything so specific in mind they can use the main menu bar, complete with drop down menus, to see a better overview of the website and choose a section to read from.

If you are looking for a dramatic website design like this or simply looking to add one of these great features to your own website, just get in touch with Toolkit Websites, Web Design Southampton and we will take it from there for you.