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Website of the Week - Inkwazi Kommunications

Name: Inkwazi Kommunications
Services:  Sales Training, & Event Management Solutions
Location: Reading, Berkshire

Products Chosen:
Page Dressing
Standard Form
Custom Graphics & Design
Twitter Feed

Why we Love it:
Our Website Design Team based in Southampton really loved working on Inkwazi's new website and so decided to make this our Website of the Week.

The design of it demonstrates a lot of the trends going on in website design at the moment with its panel-style backgrounds and pastel colors. Grey and blue, though very corporate, have been softened to match the quirky but professional eagle logo.

The Fish Eagle (the meaning behind the word 'Inkwazi') and the colours used achieve a friendlier tone better suited for this company, dedicated to working with charities, helping them to stand out from other corporations in the field.

This simple yet modern design also makes a good frame for the well written and organised content within. The main menu and sub sections represented by custom icons in the Home Page Dressing sit above an attractive Twitter Feed integration which will help Inkwazi reach out to clients as well as impress Search Engines like Google.

You can see this organisation is also continued onto each internal page of the website. Each section is represented by custom backgrounds & custom icons. It's so easy to navigate using the four main sections in the website menu at the top. Then from there, you can find the Services section with five sub sections to jump between, complete with 'Back to Top' buttons every step of the way.

This is a great example of a website to look at if you're thinking about ways to structure your own content. The design fits in perfectly with this resulting in a great website for a truly deserving company.