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Social September - Don’t make a hash of it!

Twitter is an online social networking tool in which users post up to 140 character updates, on topics of their choice. People use twitter in many ways these days, some as a newsfeed by following prominent people or networks, or simply as a way to follow friends and family and their personal lives.

Twitter is best known for its “hashtag” feature, in which users label their tweets. Hashtags contain no spaces or punctuation and begin with a “#” symbol.

Twitter users create trending topics by using hash tags. For instance, a business might create a hashtag as a way to start a conversation, and the more people that use the hashtag the more likely it is that the hash tag will trend. You have the ability to click on the hashtags that are trending to view people’s tweets on that very topic, meaning that all tweets are grouped by topic and are easy to filter.

For example, if we created a tweet that said: #asktoolkitwebsites, and multiple people responded with questions such as:

“Do you host domains? #asktoolkitwebsites”
“Can you design my website from Southampton #asktoolkitwebsites”
“How do I change the text on my website in the Toolkit #asktoolkitwebsites”
“How can I pay my design invoice? #asktoolkitwebsites”

Then whoever clicked on the hashtag #asktoolkitwebsites would see all of those tweets grouped in one feed, for them to read.

A Twitter hashtag ties conversations from different users together into one feed, which you can find by searching the hashtag in Twitter Search or by clicking on it from a post you have seen. If Twitter users who are not otherwise connected talk about the same topic using a specific hashtag, their tweets will appear in the same stream.

Hashtags allow you to create communities of people interested in the same topic by making it easier for them to find and share info related to it.

If you decide to create a hashtag for your Twitter business account, you will need to make sure you promote the Hashtag by incorporating it into your other marketing materials.

A hashtag is only useful if people know about it. So to generate conversations using your hashtag, start adding it your existing resources and channels. For instance, every time you send an email, include the hashtag into your email signature. Or you can add it to your social media sharing links, and on your website for people to be aware of.

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