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Social September - All About Instagram:

Popular with the public for its clean design and easy to use dashboard, many businesses and brands have included Instagram in their digital marketing strategy. With over 150 million monthly users, Instagram is a way of sharing images with captions to a wide range of people, and is a great way at getting to your target audience in a more visual way of advertising.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words!

Free Advertising

With this social media app, you can provide window-shopping opportunities for your followers, giving them a taste of your products and services. You can include useful information in the caption, such as location details, price, and anything else to intrigue your followers.

Engaging with your target audience

People buy from people and Instagram will help you to create that emotional connection with your audience. The great thing here is that it allows you to share the day-to-day experiences of your business whilst giving a personal feel to your brand.  Behind the scene photos and employee images tend to rank well on Instagram. When you attend a social event, start work on a new project, take part in a charity event, visit a particularly good restaurant, go on holiday to a beautiful city, or celebrate a success in your business… make sure you capture the event on camera. Knowing what’s happening in your world keeps your organisation fresh in your target audiences mind.

Every business needs a personality behind the brand, because the more human a business comes across the more likely you are going to engage your target audience and open up discussion about your products and services. Not just that, but it also becomes a memorable visual image, which is a lasting impression on potential customers.

Increase In Traffic

Although you can’t add clickable links to every Instagram update it can be a great source of traffic driving. Because Instagram is visual, it’s more about making your brand visible, and getting noticed.

In a nutshell, having a selection of accounts, from Facebook to Twitter, and YouTube to Instagram helps reach the largest audience possible, and increase brand awareness even further.  By integrating Instagram into your social media marketing campaign, you can give your online following insight into your company in new ways.