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Social September - All About Instagram:

Popular with the public for its clean design and easy to use dashboard, many businesses and brands have included Instagram in their digital marketing strategy. With over 150 million monthly users, Instagram is a way of sharing images with captions to a wide range of people, and is a great way at getting to your target audience in a more visual way of advertising.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words!

Free Advertising

With this social media app, you can provide window-shopping opportunities for your followers, giving them a taste of your products and services. You can include useful information in the caption, such as location details, price, and anything else to intrigue your followers.

Engaging with your target audience

People buy from people and Instagram will help you to create that emotional connection with your audience. The great thing here is that it allows you to share the day-to-day experiences of your business whilst giving a personal feel to your brand.  Behind the scene photos and employee images tend to rank well on Instagram. When you attend a social event, start work on a new project, take part in a charity event, visit a particularly good restaurant, go on holiday to a beautiful city, or celebrate a success in your business… make sure you capture the event on camera. Knowing what’s happening in your world keeps your organisation fresh in your target audiences mind.

Every business needs a personality behind the brand, because the more human a business comes across the more likely you are going to engage your target audience and open up discussion about your products and services. Not just that, but it also becomes a memorable visual image, which is a lasting impression on potential customers.

Increase In Traffic

Although you can’t add clickable links to every Instagram update it can be a great source of traffic driving. Because Instagram is visual, it’s more about making your brand visible, and getting noticed.

In a nutshell, having a selection of accounts, from Facebook to Twitter, and YouTube to Instagram helps reach the largest audience possible, and increase brand awareness even further.  By integrating Instagram into your social media marketing campaign, you can give your online following insight into your company in new ways.
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My Work Experience with Toolkit Websites

My name is Jasmein and I've just completed 2 weeks work experience at Toolkit Websites and they've let me blog about it!

My time at Toolkit Websites has been amazing. In the two weeks I spent here I have never felt left out or felt like I have had nothing to do as I have always been given some sort of important responsibility, which has taught me a lot during my time here, especially having to use my own initiative.

My first lesson was being taught how to work within their systems, which is where you edit websites and find information about the clients. I have realised the importance of meeting deadlines and working together as a team to satisfy clients. I noticed how Toolkit Websites do everything they can to fulfil their clients wishes.

My first day was quite rewarding, because I learnt so much as the manager David Swan took a lot of time out of his own work to teach me how to edit websites through The Toolkit system and add content. Compared to other work experience stories, I was expecting to be given duties of filing and faxing or perhaps making tea or coffees but in fact every morning I would come in, and I would already have my tea or coffee on the desk for me and a work list ready to be started.

Most days I have been working on updating websites,  adding content, or making small changes that make all the difference to any of our 2,000 clients sites. This also involved updating websites that were short of content and to locate decent copy for each site I had to research their business, history and industry to provide relevant information for their web pages. This means Toolkit Websites can help their clients with content and go the extra mile during the build process.

I was also required to provide updates of the changes I made to each individual website to the Project Manager who is in charge of its build. This was great because I worked with them in order to achieve the website, design and content the client desired.

I always carried out my duties independently, and having the chance to use my own intuitive was great because I felt just like everyone else and not an outsider. I felt like my work was trusted.

My biggest achievement during my time at Toolkit Websites has been completing my deadlines. I was given a list of jobs to finish before my work experience came to an end but I completed this list way before the deadline whilst carrying out other duties within the team. For me the best part of my time at Toolkit Websites was that I felt like my work was always appreciated and important.

All the project managers who work within the company were always very polite and helpful. They always made me feel like I could ask for help and they wouldn’t just tell me how to do something they would show me.

I also noticed how positive the relationship was between all the workers and how the company would re-enforce this idea by planning outside activities and also having internal meetings every week to discuss what projects everyone has been working on and the progress of their work. I was also invited into this meeting, which again never made feel left out because I was also talking about my own experience and the design projects I was working on.

I came here not knowing a lot about websites and now I can say I do. It has improved my knowledge on websites and I have experienced what a day in the life of Toolkit Websites is like.  I would definitely recommend this experience to other people who many be interested as it has been a pleasure working here and I would definitely do it all over again.

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Social September - Don’t make a hash of it!

Twitter is an online social networking tool in which users post up to 140 character updates, on topics of their choice. People use twitter in many ways these days, some as a newsfeed by following prominent people or networks, or simply as a way to follow friends and family and their personal lives.

Twitter is best known for its “hashtag” feature, in which users label their tweets. Hashtags contain no spaces or punctuation and begin with a “#” symbol.

Twitter users create trending topics by using hash tags. For instance, a business might create a hashtag as a way to start a conversation, and the more people that use the hashtag the more likely it is that the hash tag will trend. You have the ability to click on the hashtags that are trending to view people’s tweets on that very topic, meaning that all tweets are grouped by topic and are easy to filter.

For example, if we created a tweet that said: #asktoolkitwebsites, and multiple people responded with questions such as:

“Do you host domains? #asktoolkitwebsites”
“Can you design my website from Southampton #asktoolkitwebsites”
“How do I change the text on my website in the Toolkit #asktoolkitwebsites”
“How can I pay my design invoice? #asktoolkitwebsites”

Then whoever clicked on the hashtag #asktoolkitwebsites would see all of those tweets grouped in one feed, for them to read.

A Twitter hashtag ties conversations from different users together into one feed, which you can find by searching the hashtag in Twitter Search or by clicking on it from a post you have seen. If Twitter users who are not otherwise connected talk about the same topic using a specific hashtag, their tweets will appear in the same stream.

Hashtags allow you to create communities of people interested in the same topic by making it easier for them to find and share info related to it.

If you decide to create a hashtag for your Twitter business account, you will need to make sure you promote the Hashtag by incorporating it into your other marketing materials.

A hashtag is only useful if people know about it. So to generate conversations using your hashtag, start adding it your existing resources and channels. For instance, every time you send an email, include the hashtag into your email signature. Or you can add it to your social media sharing links, and on your website for people to be aware of.

#ToolkitWebsites #PassionateSupport

Contact Toolkit Websites for more information.
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Social September: Why Facebook and Twitter are must haves

There are over 900 million users on Facebook and 140 million tweets made every day on Twitter. Social media has a variety of uses, from branding to market research to customer service and generating leads… the possibilities are endless. There are also huge SEO benefits too, especially when using both Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with your business website.

The main things that they will bring to your business are the following:


Facebook and Twitter are seeing 1 million new accounts opened every single day. With a wide and engaged set of followers, your business is being exposed to millions of active users that can access your page, read through what your company offers and they will even get in touch if they are interested.

Because social media is free, you can afford to set up accounts with both networking sites, and regularly update them to keep your head above that of your competitors.

The Personal Touch

Twitter is very direct and it grants you access to other organisations businesses all over the world as well as direct access to your customers or potential leads. The more you engage in discussion and the more you get involved with the trends on Twitter, the more exposure you will receive and the more your account will succeed in terms of visibility. Facebook on the other hand gives you the chance to promote your services, showcase your portfolio using their unlimited gallery and even set up an E shop via your page, if you wanted to create revenue from your page as well as your business website.

Extended customer service

A lot of companies and organizations use Twitter and Facebook as a form of customer service. Sometimes, people take to social media because they feel they will get more of a human response.


Twitter and Facebook marketing can hold the key to your entire social marketing strategy. Linking to your Blog, Pinterest, Flikr, Instagram, Youtube, Google + and other chosen platforms is a great way to engage browsers in all aspects of your online marketing.

Special Offers and Promotions

Special deals promoted on your social media accounts can drive traffic to your site. Running competitions, or Q & A sessions will also get people involved and speaking with you, meaning that others will become aware of your brand. 

Keep up on news and trends

Twitter and Facebook is a great way to keep up with the latest news and trends. See what people are talking about, what’s popular and what’s not. Not only that, but it’s a great way of spotting problems quickly. If someone has noticed an issue with a service of yours, or a problem, you can pick it up with them and resolve the issue, showing others that you are responsive and eager to fix any issues for your existing clients.

Some interesting stats found on Twitter

72% of followers said that they are more likely to make a purchase from
a small or medium sized business that they follow on Twitter, after seeing them interact with other clients.

85% of followers feel more connected with a small to medium business after following them, and getting an insight into their day to day running of their business.

73% of followers follow small to medium businesses to get updates on future product or services, because they’ve seen something of interest or they have purchased from that business before and are willing to do so again.

61% follow in order to share ideas and provide feedback, whether it’s a positive testimonial or to offer constructive criticism.

All in all, it’s important to be present on social media, no matter what industry category your business falls into. 
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