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Redesign of the Week - Simon Fielder


This week's favourite website redesign of our team based in Southampton goes to Simon Fielder. As soon as you land on this website you will be immediately stunned by the very theatrical design. The contrasting black and white colouring coupled with the wide content area and slider embodies watching a grand production on a stage. A perfect theme for this particular client's website.

Simon Fielder is a man of many talents and has experience in many fields. He combines show production with acting, playing music and writing. He also works extensively in the corporate sector, presenting, facilitating, writing, casting for, voicing and appearing in training and communication videos, online presentations, workshops and live trade and training events. Having a presence on the web is important for networking and with a great design you are bound to get noticed.

The branding of this website design is extremely strong and takes a lot of inspiration from existing marketing material such as the official stage posters used in the grand slider. Obviously with industries such as this, more than a website is needed and spreading the word of your products (in this case the shows as well as the skills of Simon) is done using many different avenues. An example of this, besides the printed materials mentioned, are the web based Social Media accounts. This website in particular uses Facebook and Twitter feeds to start discussions and generate interest in the performances and productions of Simon Fielder. More specifically, the Twitter feed on the Home Page is actually what is known as a 'List' which means you can add a number of different Twitter IDs to one feed and have a whole community of your choice sharing their thoughts, recommendations and opinions directly onto your website.

Other instances of Social Media you will notice on the website include the custom Icons in keeping with the overall design and the embedded Youtube videos, adding that extra form of media so important for an industry that relies on seeing performance and characters from a voyeuristic point of view. Social Media and being savy on the web is becoming ever more important in this day and age and is a key marketing tool so it's a good idea to explore what's out there and look into what could work for you, your business and your website.

The final product that I want to mention, chosen particularly for this redesign, was the 'Carousel' that you'll notice in the top left of the Home Page content. The website user has complete control over the scrolling of this and Simon can go and update the news in each individual slide on the Carousel whenever he wants through The Toolkit. Again, it's a very dramatic way to announce news headlines  to the intended audience. Making this website as much of a show in its own right as the ones it advertises on its pages.

Check out this great spectacle of a website and all the fantastic productions featured for yourself here:


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