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An Introduction to Pinterest – for your business

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is just simply a digital pin board, where you can virtually ‘pin’ items that you find visually appealing and/or would like to pin so that you can come back to it for inspiration later.

As one of the fastest growing social media sites, with over 10 million unique users, Pinterest allows you to upload, save, share and organize pins into category boards for people to browse and view.

If you are a fun, creative type then it is a great way to express yourself and your brand. Pinterest allows you to display your work online to potential customers and clients as well as giving you the ability to create an online portfolio filled with personality.

As with all social networks, one of the benefits of using Pinterest is that it gives you the ability to define not only a brand, but to expose the person or people behind that brand. This makes it easier for clients, whether they are existing clients or potential new clients, to relate to your company.

You can view our Pinterest account here. You will see we have used keywords such as “Web Design Southampton,” in order for our pins to be SEO optimized.


You can select what keywords or meta data each of your pins has.

The main advantages of using Pinterest for your business:

Drives Traffic; By pinning and repining items, you and visitors are sharing the links back to the source; your blog, your pinterest account or your website.

Connects and Develops Relationships; Pinterest draws in highly engaged users, from which you can build a community and interact with potential customers

Search Engine Optimisation; it is a site regularly indexed by search engines, so this means that it provides a lot of opportunities to boost your SEO.

Some Pinteresting stats

• There is no vertical size limit on pins, providing a great deal of scope for creativity
• Approximately 58% of Pinterest users are females
• Click through and sales conversion rates are better on Pinterest than on either Twitter or Facebook
• Pinterest users tend to have a higher than average disposable income
• Some of the most popular Pinterest topics are interiors, DIY, cookery, fashion, hobbies and crafts

Pinterest will not only provide you with more backlinks to your website and an SEO ranking, but it will also increase your visibility. Being visible on Pinterest means the higher the likelihood of someone coming across you and your brand.