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An Introduction to Pinterest – for your business

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is just simply a digital pin board, where you can virtually ‘pin’ items that you find visually appealing and/or would like to pin so that you can come back to it for inspiration later.

As one of the fastest growing social media sites, with over 10 million unique users, Pinterest allows you to upload, save, share and organize pins into category boards for people to browse and view.

If you are a fun, creative type then it is a great way to express yourself and your brand. Pinterest allows you to display your work online to potential customers and clients as well as giving you the ability to create an online portfolio filled with personality.

As with all social networks, one of the benefits of using Pinterest is that it gives you the ability to define not only a brand, but to expose the person or people behind that brand. This makes it easier for clients, whether they are existing clients or potential new clients, to relate to your company.

You can view our Pinterest account here. You will see we have used keywords such as “Web Design Southampton,” in order for our pins to be SEO optimized.


You can select what keywords or meta data each of your pins has.

The main advantages of using Pinterest for your business:

Drives Traffic; By pinning and repining items, you and visitors are sharing the links back to the source; your blog, your pinterest account or your website.

Connects and Develops Relationships; Pinterest draws in highly engaged users, from which you can build a community and interact with potential customers

Search Engine Optimisation; it is a site regularly indexed by search engines, so this means that it provides a lot of opportunities to boost your SEO.

Some Pinteresting stats

• There is no vertical size limit on pins, providing a great deal of scope for creativity
• Approximately 58% of Pinterest users are females
• Click through and sales conversion rates are better on Pinterest than on either Twitter or Facebook
• Pinterest users tend to have a higher than average disposable income
• Some of the most popular Pinterest topics are interiors, DIY, cookery, fashion, hobbies and crafts

Pinterest will not only provide you with more backlinks to your website and an SEO ranking, but it will also increase your visibility. Being visible on Pinterest means the higher the likelihood of someone coming across you and your brand.
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A day in the life of .... Toolkit Websites - Web Designers in Southampton

Ever wondered what the day to day running of a website design company is like, what occurs and who's responsibile for your website looking the way it does?

The Toolkit Squad offer and manage a varied array of tasks and responsibilities to you, our clients, on a day-to-day basis, and no two days are the same.

Our company is made up of a fantastic group of people who are constantly working to deliver the passionate service and high quality web design we stand for. 

We see it as a relay. The New Business Team discuss your requirements and provide you with a website package to suit your needs.

The baton is then handed to a Project Manager who is assigned to the running of your website project from beginning to end. They will be the ones to make your vision become a reality... providing you with ideas, creative vision and discussing what your website needs to do in depth and with understanding.

They liaise with the design and content team to get your website looking just how you want it, with your unlimited design changes, and the Toolkit Publication Check List in place to make sure everything goes smoothly and is easy to understand. They also then liaise with the Technical Team to make sure your domain and emails are ready and in place.

Then when you are ready to take the plunge and get your website up and running, the baton is then handed to the last but not least component of the business, the ever ready Passionate Support Squad.

If you have any queries or questions once your website is live, the Support Squad are your go to team to help sort any issues you may have. Whether you need a hand on how to update your content on your website, upload new images, or you have an email or domain issue... they are on standby to give you their full attention to help solve any issue that might arise.

Why does it work?

Our Passionate Support Squad are exactly that... passionate about web design. From the new business team, to the project managers and design and content team, we want your website to look great, work well and be a great success for your business.

Every single project means a lot to us, and we like to see great designs, great performing functionality and SEO friendly websites going live on our system.

It works because the team pulls together, and the appropriate team, to ensure the smoothest build possible, deals with all areas of the project.

Are there hiccups along the way?

Nobody is perfect. And as web design is such a personal, and hinged on "personal preference" type of industry, of course there are going to be instances where visions are different, or things don't go completely smoothly.

That's where our unlimited design change policy comes in to play, to make sure that we work at it with you until you are 100% happy. We'll make sure that we come up with alternative ideas, make changes as you need, and have a degree of flexibility when it comes to our services... because no project is the same. We will not get you to sign off on the design stage, until you are ready to.

Web design is an industry that involves a lot of problem solving or solution finding. We thrive on that, and here at Toolkit Websites we are proud of our expanding portfolio... our team do a literal whoop every time a website goes live and gets added to our portfolio.

The best thing about Toolkit Websites? (if we don't say so ourselves...)

We don't leave you in the deep end once your website is live. We are on hand via phone or email to help you and assist you in anyway we can. We have a 3 ring policy, where we will pick up your call in 3 rings or less... don't believe us? Try us!

Why not call us today on 02380 633 644 to have a chat with one of the New Business Team, to discuss your website project requirements, and we'll see what we can do for you.

Alternatively, if you already have a website, and want to see what ideas or changes we would suggest, we'd be more than happy to hear from you.

Or if you are already a client of ours, and have decided that your website needs a bit of a revamp, or refresh, we would love to discuss the details with you.

Find out more about Toolkit Websites, Web Design in Southampton, Hampshire, UK and how they can help your business grow.
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Redesign of the Week - Simon Fielder


This week's favourite website redesign of our team based in Southampton goes to Simon Fielder. As soon as you land on this website you will be immediately stunned by the very theatrical design. The contrasting black and white colouring coupled with the wide content area and slider embodies watching a grand production on a stage. A perfect theme for this particular client's website.

Simon Fielder is a man of many talents and has experience in many fields. He combines show production with acting, playing music and writing. He also works extensively in the corporate sector, presenting, facilitating, writing, casting for, voicing and appearing in training and communication videos, online presentations, workshops and live trade and training events. Having a presence on the web is important for networking and with a great design you are bound to get noticed.

The branding of this website design is extremely strong and takes a lot of inspiration from existing marketing material such as the official stage posters used in the grand slider. Obviously with industries such as this, more than a website is needed and spreading the word of your products (in this case the shows as well as the skills of Simon) is done using many different avenues. An example of this, besides the printed materials mentioned, are the web based Social Media accounts. This website in particular uses Facebook and Twitter feeds to start discussions and generate interest in the performances and productions of Simon Fielder. More specifically, the Twitter feed on the Home Page is actually what is known as a 'List' which means you can add a number of different Twitter IDs to one feed and have a whole community of your choice sharing their thoughts, recommendations and opinions directly onto your website.

Other instances of Social Media you will notice on the website include the custom Icons in keeping with the overall design and the embedded Youtube videos, adding that extra form of media so important for an industry that relies on seeing performance and characters from a voyeuristic point of view. Social Media and being savy on the web is becoming ever more important in this day and age and is a key marketing tool so it's a good idea to explore what's out there and look into what could work for you, your business and your website.

The final product that I want to mention, chosen particularly for this redesign, was the 'Carousel' that you'll notice in the top left of the Home Page content. The website user has complete control over the scrolling of this and Simon can go and update the news in each individual slide on the Carousel whenever he wants through The Toolkit. Again, it's a very dramatic way to announce news headlines  to the intended audience. Making this website as much of a show in its own right as the ones it advertises on its pages.

Check out this great spectacle of a website and all the fantastic productions featured for yourself here:


Find out more about Toolkit Websites, Web Design in Southampton, Hampshire, UK and how they can help your business grow.
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Website of the Week - Top Line Foods


This week's website of the week goes to Top Line Foods. It's artistic in both layout and design with many endearing features that make it a pleasure to read and explore. This website was built to give our client, Top Line Foods, the platform they needed to compete with their competitors. But more than that, something that would stand out as something extra-special.

Top Line Foods are food importers and exporters who put the utmost effort and care into the quality of their service as well as the quality of their products. They specialise in foods such as high quality Cacao and other fruits and nuts. Some recognizable: dried blueberries, Brazil nuts, figs, pine-nuts as well as other, more exotic foots like: acai powder, aronia berries, coconut blossom sugar and quinoa grains.

The first thing about this website you are bound to notice are the bold, responsive background images that resize automatically to screen size with no scrolling. They were created to have that dreamy, out of focus black and white effect with a vivid splash of colour in the forefront. This effect was dreamed up by the client and brought to life by our Design Team. If you ever have a look in mind for your own website, we will always strive to achieve it for you until it's exactly as you imagined.

The content itself is simple but well laid out over 5 pages. This really sells the product giving it an overall very professional look.

The eye is led down the page with arrows and beautiful images alongside passages of descriptive text.

Finally, the very last feature to mention and the most quirky by far is the Hidden Squirrel. She wanted to run a competition to bring enquiries to her website and so asked us to place a moving squirrel somewhere on one of the pages for visitors to find. The competition has since closed, but the squirrel can still be found on the contact confirmation page.

The client was very happy with her website, stating that she was "happy with our service and the patience and knowledge of the team was great," giving us 4.5 stars.


Have a browse through the website for yourself and explore first hand this wonderful website envisioned by Top Line Foods. Yet another website that we are very proud to deliver for a very deserving company.


Find out more about Toolkit Websites, Web Design in Southampton, Hampshire, UK and how they can help your business grow.
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