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Making the most of Free Social Marketing

When it comes to your business and social media, you need to think about the advantages having these accounts can have for you, and how to use them wisely. Websites need more than just a good Design or a talented team of designers at your beck and call, they need to be interactive, modern and up to date.

Twitter - Grow your business, 140 characters at a time

The key thing about Twitter is that you are able to tap into what your clients or target audience is talking about. You can see what topics are trending, what companies or industries have the most buzz about them, and you can follow in their footsteps by using Twitter as a marketing tool.

Twitter happens in real time, so this is something you have to constantly be on top of, in order to have your finger on the pulse.

Twitter is a means of listening to your customers, clients, colleagues, industry leaders and anyone else who might comment on your product or business. Twitter is about networking and knowledge sharing. It is also a way that your potential clients can hear about you, ask you questions or simply become aware of your presence.

The best thing about Twitter is that it’s humanizing your business and giving it a voice. Some of the more successful brands on Twitter allow and encourage interactivity with their business on Twitter, engaging clients, and launching competitions and even solving client’s problems in real time.

You can read about how to get started, what Twitter can do for you and read the success stories here


Facebook - Increase your Exposure to Existing & Potential Customers

Facebook has 1.19 billion users. Having a Facebook page not only opens you up to being discovered and found, but it is also a way of advertising your business… for free. Having a business page where you encourage clients/ customers to like you, review you and interact with you is a very positive thing. The more you engage with it, the more successful it will be.

Facebook also has great features such as an online Facebook shop, you can use it’s unlimited photo uploader to showcase your products or services and you can also use it as a platform to draw potential clients in, by launching competitions, prizes, asking and answering questions and interacting with your target audience.

With both Facebook and Twitter, you can brand and style them to match your websites design.

We have these services available which you can read more about here:


LinkedIn – Increasing your reach and expanding your network

LinkedIn is your companies’ online business card. It’s a place to connect with your clients, connect with your potential clients and also to connect with your industry partners.

LinkedIn has great tools for furthering your business, whether it’s recruitment, joining groups where potential clients or leads could be, or simply publishing your thoughts on your industry, LinkedIn is a great place to be for all things “business” related.

Take a look at creating your own account here: https://www.linkedin.com/

All in all, social media is a huge advantage to your business and to your website. Being available to your target audience on multiple platforms and engaging with them can show people that you are up to date, and reaching out in a variety of ways.

Not only that, but having your social media accounts linked up to your website, or having embedded feeds can synch your business website with your social media platforms in a way that it feels seamless and easy to access. In terms of search engines as well, your content from your social media platforms will help your content remain up to date and fresh.

You can take a look at our social media and set up services on our website here:


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