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Final Re-branding Tip - Your Company Name

Your company name is one of your most valuable assets. An effective name establishes a strong identity and describes the type of business you're conducting. When it comes to rebranding or revamping your website design, having a look at what domain names that are available to you, using your business name could be a great idea.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, having a domain name that uses the keywords that you want your business associated with can have a positive effect. Remember, you can have multiple domains that point to your website, meaning it can be found in multiple ways.

There are now a lot more domain suffixes to choose from (.co.uk, .uk, .net, .org), and you can purchase these from Toolkit Websites. Give us a call today to discuss what suffixes are available and how they could benefit your business.

All in all, your company's image should be simple and straightforward. Making these basic decisions about your new image and then implementing them into a redesign of your existing site will really make the difference in terms of getting the most out of your website and generating leads and business from it. Your business branding should be top priority in your marketing plan

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