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Discover Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a FREE tool that can provide your website with tracking statistics based on your sites overall performance.

Google Analytics is the most widely used web statistic service by web design companies, and is incredibly easy to use.

It is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources as well as measuring conversions and sales.

Inside your Analytics account you are able to specify what goals you want to focus on, including sales, lead generation, downloading a file such as a brochure and more. It is completely dependent on what you want your website to achieve. This way you can see whether your websites design is having the desired effect or if you need to tweak your marketing or up your campaign to get noticed.

Google Analytics is fantastic because it can track visitors to your website so that you know where they visited from, including search engines and social networks. This way you can see what methods people are using in finding your site and whether it is from a fresh search engine search, or clicking a link from another web page.

You’ll also be able to find what keywords bring visitors to your site from search engines, meaning you can see what they are typing in, what keywords you are being found with reference to and whether you need to take a look at refining your meta keywords and data to suit this. You’ll also be able to tell whether they continued browsing your site once on it, or exited it right away, which is normally a great indicator to whether your clients like your websites design.

For example, when it comes to our own website, if someone typed in 'Web Design' we would then be able to see that they used those exact words. This is important as some of your clients may refine their searches by adding a location, such as 'Web Design Southampton', or particular services like ‘Web & Logo Design Southampton’. This allows Google to narrow down the results and provide pages on your website specific to the services/areas they are looking for.

Another great benefit of using Google Analytics is that you’ll be able to weigh up whether it’s worth purchasing the development of a mobile version of your website. By looking under the “Visitors” menu on your Google Analytics dashboard, you will find a Mobile option where you can see what percentage of your total visits are from a mobile device or similar.

All in all, Google Analytics is an excellent marketing tool aimed at getting the most out of your website, and seeing what makes it tick. You’ll be able to gauge from your status report whether you need to look at re-branding your website design, strengthen your marketing campaign, or simply spend some time tweaking and amending the content available to visitors on your pages.

As an experience web design company in Southampton, we know the value of Google Analytics and will always advise you to get this service set up, whether by doing it yourself for free or getting our Team to do it for you for just £95+VAT.

Give us a call today on 02380 633 644 to discuss Google Analytics and how it can help you manage your website visitors.