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5 Reasons To Develop Your Own Mobile Website

There are a number of advantages worth considering when looking at designing your own mobile web site. We've provided the 5 main advantages below:

1. Brand Identity

A mobile website helps you stand apart from other businesses andpresents a positive, contemporary identity for your clients andcustomers to engage with on their phones. A mobile-optimized website makes a positive statement meaning you have thought about how to best reach your target audience and made it easy for them to access your website using their device of choice.

A well designed mobile site puts you in a better position than your competitors. If your website doesn’t look good on a smart phone users will move on to another website that is optimized for a mobile device.

2. Improved Mobile User Experience

Research shows that having a mobile site increases usability and improves user experience and satisfaction with your website, therefore having a positive affect on your potential client. Not only that, but the download speed will be faster than if they were viewing a desktop site on a mobile device, as mobile sites are specifically designed for mobile standards and the optimal download speed, meaning that the browsing of your website is quicker and more satisfying for the user.

3. Improved Search Engine Rankings

A mobile website improves search engine rankings on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google, and also allows placement in a growing number of mobile and local directories.

4. Portability

Mobile websites can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This constant connectivity provides the opportunity to connect with your audience wherever they may be and whatever they may be doing. This means that your website is accessible alongside their busy work schedule, and it will mean that they are not limited to viewing your services in detail at the office, instead they can take it in whilst on the go.

5. Merging your online media with you offline media

The integration of QR codes allows printed materials to be linked with digital media. You can have a QR code created and printed on your brochures, business cards, and other promotional materials that people can then scan using a QR code app. This can then link them straight to your mobile site meaning that the transition from offline to online media is seamless and stress free!

If you are interested in having a mobile version designed, developed and built for your website, you can contact Toolkit Websites  today on 02380 633 644. We can discuss your requirements and speak with you about how your desktop site will translate to a mobile version, making sure you get the most out of your fully optimised mobile website. 

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