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3rd Re-branding Tip - Page content & SEO

The design isn't the only area of your website you need to update when it comes to a re-brand.

For example, if you have recently changed the types of products or services you sell, you will need to update your Meta Data for Google, the content on your website for clients and the navigation of your pages depending on your new strategy.

Updating your websites content is crucial to the success you achieve in Google's rankings. To go higher you need to use our SEO Guide and make sure your websites information is as up to date as possible and changed as often as you can.

To help you, Toolkit Websites provide a variety of Search Engine Optimisation tools including a Site Report service which can tell you how well your website is doing currently, and you can then run another report after your re-brand to see the difference and improvement it has made.

You can view our search engine services by visiting our website or for more information contact your Account Manager.

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