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1st Re-branding Tip - Your Logo Design

The first thing to look at would be your company logo. Does it work as a logo should? Does it tell your target audience who you are and does it leave a lasting impression? Would a distinctive new logo refresh your brand's visual feel, and help give your business a virtual face-lift?

The biggest reasons for having a strong brand image is to stand out from your competitors, to give your business recognition and memorability and of course to improve your websites success.Sometimes, a change of logo can be the best way to revamp your business look by giving your brand identity a boost.

There are some very important reasons for you to invest in a relevant, professional brand identity for your company, and to get it done professionally.

Being a Web Design company in Southampton, we provide hgih quality bespoke logo designs meaning that you can come to us with a concept, and we can create mock-ups based on your ideas. You can then experiment with layouts, fonts and colour palettes until you’re 100% happy with your new image, and we can then provide the high resolution formats for all your printing purposes.

Our logo design service starts at: £295+VAT if you wanted to start over from scratch with a completely new logo design. Or, if you simply wanted us to take a look and suggest alterations/ changes to your existing branding, we can provide a logo refresh service which starts from £195+VAT

Also, a change in your slogan or company motto can indicate a change in values or change of focus in your business. It can bring a breath of fresh air to your image and generate new interest.

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