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Website of the Week - Foresight: Corporate Development

This week's Website of the Week goes to Foresight: Corporate Development. This is another client that already had many key elements of their business in place; a logo and strong online presence via Social Media and e-commerce. All they needed was a complimenting website to accommodate it all and through which to send out their message. Overall, it's a site that takes action in every way with a lively design to match.

Foresight offer expert services in Senior Coaching and Leadership Development. The individuals that make up the Foresight team have over 70 years experience in partnering with organisations and businesses through various change programmes and supporting already high performing leadership teams to an even greater level of achievement.

Speaking of the lively design, the website uses a bright and unique red, orange and yellow colour scheme. The fingerprint logo is featured throughout, most noticeably when hovering your mouse over the menu items and also in the graphics of the Home Page's Dressing.

The content of the Home Page and throughout the site is extremely active. When you explore the site you will find features that link to purchasable books on Amazon, inspiring Youtube videos on the ethos of Foresight, a Newsletter Sign Up box for future email marketing purposes, a blog, news, feedback from clients and of course, links to Social Media. This is all extremely valuable online coverage and well worth your time in setting up if relevant to your company and business.

You will also notice the use of Stock Images throughout the site, a combination of photos as well as illustrations. Of course using your own images can add a wonderful, personal touch to your website but in the case of some industries, creating your own photos or images can be impossible. Stock Images such as those from the library of our recommended site, Shutterstock are great for corporate type industries as they are able to pleasingly represent something abstract and bring some attractive visuals to your content.

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