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Website of the Week - A White Wedding

This week’s Website of the Week goes to the redesigned site of A White Wedding. A very pro-active client and strong existing brand meant that the entire redesign process took a mere 4 days to complete! As quickly and as painlessly as possible, so as not to waste any time, we worked hard with this loyal client on a new flattering look to stun potential online customers.

There are many reasons why a website might go through a redesign and they are all important and worth considering throughout the lifespan of your website. It might be that the design looks dated and needs a moremodern and relevant appearance. Or, it might be because your company or business has changed or evolved its branding in some way and therefore needs its online presence to reflect this. Whatever the reason, with Toolkit Websites and our Redesign Service, your website can evolve with your company and the technology that is available today and even years from now.

http://www.awhiteweddingshop.co.uk/contactA White Wedding had a very strong idea of what they wanted the site to look like. Using a combination of influences from other admired websites to the colour scheme of the shop’s face itself, we were able to come up with an attractive yet simple design. In this case, the redesign was requested by a new owner of the business who had some new ideas and a fresh outlook on the website as a whole. 

They took over the project with keen interest and enthusiasm, even writing and placing their own content on pages throughout the build process. The home page makes use of some custom Page Dressing for dramatic effect while the other pages are left to be created by the client who has already demonstrated a great understanding of editing their own website using The Toolkit. This is a perfect example of a client who wants to learn how to use The Toolkit to keep the content of their website as up-to-date as its design. The client also understands how having a grasp of Social Media, and making frequent updates can have a significant impact on how well your website performs in the eyes of the Search Engines

Since the site was finished, the client has also kept the site updated. For example, even stating when there are any last minute changes to the shop’s opening hours. Any and all updates, no matter how small will make a huge difference to how successful your website is and ultimately will provide the maximum traffic for your business. 

The client was very happy with the new look, stating:

"Thank you for your help and the quick turn around. I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs a website building. It looks really good."

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