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Website of the Week - Lynne Morgan

This week’s Website of the Week goes to the beautiful and endearing website of Lynne Morgan. Named after the talented dress maker and designer behind the company, this website was built with a clear purpose in mind: to showcase the beautiful dresses that Lynne produces and to strengthen the brand surrounding a business which is obviously more than an occupation to Lynne and very close to her heart.

Lynne Morgan is a professional Bridal Wear designer and dressmaker. She has over 20 years of experience in dreaming up and creating perfect dresses for her brides from her private studio in Cardiff, South Wales. Her philosophy is to ensure one to one attention with her clients in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Ultimately, she wants to make the experience of having a dress designed and made a memorable part of the big day itself.

The most astounding thing about this particular website is that the build process took only 13 days to complete! The client was extremely organised and was very helpful throughout, whether it be with providing content, or even just when asking for our opinion and giving feedback on any design choices. This website proves that quality need not be lost when time is a factor regarding a project.

Looking at the website, the strength of Lynne Morgan’s branding is in the detail. Everything from the watermarked, delicate background and accented lilac to the integration of Social Media used. The menu bar is a great example of this and is a true feature of the site. It takes up quite a lot of the top portion of the header and initially uses the beautiful background image that is also reminiscent of the script-like text logo. When you go to select a menu item, it then flashes bright lilac – the signature colour of Lynne’s brand and the colour she favours.  

You will also notice the embedded Facebook Feed on the About Us page. This gives the happy brides and other clients of Lynne a chance to share photos and thoughts from their big days using their own Facebook access which is then automatically updated on the website itself through the feed! It’s a great way to create a fiercely close and loyal customer-base. This is another great example of how this business and website is more than just a profession to our client, Lynne.

It’s also worth mentioning the importance of the images on this website. They were all taken and in some cases even drawn by the client herself! For such a personal touch, we thought it was very deserving of the Light Box Gallery effect. If you visit the gallery of the site and click on one of the images, you will see that they pleasantly reveal the image in full and are highlighted by a darkened background. This is a great way to emphasise these wonderful pictures and happy memories.

Lynne was as pleased with her site as we were, giving the build 5 stars and stating:

“I can't think of any way that Toolkit could be improved upon. So far the service has been excellent from the first conversation with Remko, through the build with Lanara to the finished result. Everyone has been friendly and efficient throughout and has demonstrated prompt professionalism. If there is anything I’m unsure about, I know a quick phone call would put my mind at rest. Thank you.”

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