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Redesign of the Week - Ashton Dennis Consultancy Recruitment

This week’s Redesign of the Week goes to Ashton Dennis Consultancy Recruitment Solutions for their minimalist and modern looking website that also makes use of some fantastic special features.  It maintains an overall professional look and feel and uses some key design characteristics and functions to command a strong online presence as a professional business.

Ashton Dennis is a specialist recruitment consultancy, dedicated to placing highly skilled candidates into the right roles. Their work ethics are based on honesty and integrity, and they relish the challenges that working with a diverse range of clients can bring. They provide support to their clients every step of the process, from analysing what roles would be best for an individual to briefing them on how to perform in a job interview. They recruit all across various Media, Publishing  and other creative industries, so if this is your field, they are the experts to help you. Overall, they provide clients with an exceptional service that sees recruitment goals become a reality and as such, would benefit from a website that reflects their professionalism.

The original website was built in 2010 and though the website looked great then, as we all know, style and fashion can become outdated very quickly. This is also the case when it comes to websites but one of the great things about having your website with Toolkit Websites is we can offer you our Redesign Service whenever you feel your website needs a certain refresh and style update.

Firstly, a few feature updates have been made to make the website easier for candidates and clients of Ashton Dennis to browse. A minimalistic-looking News Headline box can be found on the Home Page and will automatically update with new articles concerning the world of Media and Publishing. But, most important is the new, customised, and very handy Search Bar that lets users of the website look through various job roles they may be interested in. This is both figuratively and literally the heart and centre of the website. As you will see it is placed in the very middle of each and every web page and has access to all job opportunities for the candidates of Ashton Dennis to browse.

One of the main things you will notice about the new Ashton Dennis site is the very modern use of black and white which is consistent across the website. Furthermore, all images make use of softer rounded corners and you will also notice the tasteful use of a key accent colour (yellow) in the header image as well as certain linked buttons.

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