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Your tired website could be costing you more than just hosting fees

The internet has made impulse consumers of us all. There is so much choice online that you only have a few seconds to make an impact before your potential buyer is clicking the back button to their search results. If your site fails in any way – it looks bad, a plugin is out of date, there’s an error message – then you’ve lost your chance.

Internet marketers call this the bounce rate. Bouncing customers take one look at your site and decide they can do better elsewhere. Good, functional, up-to-date design from Toolkit Websites will keep those visitors sticking.

Marketer Carolyn Capern of CT Social has come up with a list of seven problems that could be sending consumers bouncing away from your site.

1 – Speed kills
A slow page will lose you business very quickly. No-one waits anymore and they won’t wait for your site. You need quality hosting and a design that works quickly.

2 – Mobile
The world is going mobile and if your site doesn’t work on their tablet or smartphone they’re gone. In just one year the share of site visits from mobile phones has gone up from 5.4% to 10.4% and on tablets it’s jumped from 5.9% to 10.4%. Because of these changes in consumer behaviour we mobile optimise all of our sites and ensure they work with all the operating systems. We also offer a dedicated mobile platform service for those out there who want to go one step further.

3 – Clean design
You – and your designers – shouldn’t forget the prime purpose of your site, which is to interact with customers. If the site is too busy you’ll scare them off. Research shows that autoplay videos and sound clips are especially unpopular and web browsers are coming up with features that will automatically shut off sites with these features.

4 – Clean structure
If visitors can’t find their way around without having to think then they’ll go somewhere that is properly signposted and structured. Navigation is key, Google even say that you only have one and a half seconds to 'capture a click' and strong call to actions and clear click-able options on your homepage is exactly how you do this.

5 – Understandable
Believe it or not, some websites actually deliberately use fonts that are hard to read! Your content needs to be written with your audience in mind too, but if readers are squinting to read it, they’ll be bouncing.

6 – Ugly
In a visual medium, you need to look current. Would you shop in a clothes shop which still had last year’s window design? If you don’t look like you mean business, people will assume you don’t. A websites design needs to be revamped and redesigned every 2-3 years at the most in order to remain current.

7 – Content
High quality content – well written, relevant, useful – is vital to keeping visitors on your site. And, it needs to be updated regularly too so people will keep coming back to find out what’s new. Toolkit Websites can put you in touch with the best copywriters in the business at special rates for our clients, so if you do need help producing content you’ll get the best, for the best price.

It doesn’t matter if most of your sales are made online or you just need a site to send you real life customers, everyone looks online first and you need to have a convincing and compelling presence. Toolkit Websites can help you keep your site relevant and vital for the long term.

The Toolkit content management system (CMS) means you’re in charge of what appears under your name and it’s incredibly easy to keep your site updated. With The Toolkit and our continued support and training our designs have a real longevity.

We can have the first draft of your brand new site with you in three working days, and we also do special deals on redesigns if you’d just like a few tweaks to keep things looking interesting. Changing your website shouldn’t be a hassle and at Toolkit Websites we do everything to make sure it’s a pleasure. 

To find out how Toolkit Websites can stop those customers bouncing away just call our expert team on 02380 633 644 and get the website your business deserves.

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