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Website of the Week - Seymour Hosking

Seymour Hosking call themselves 'IT Systems Doctors' and supply systems and advise blue chip companies and household names all over Britain. They understand that computers and technology can be confusing and overwhelming to some and persevere until an IT issue is resolved to the Client's satisfaction. Clear communication and delivery is their top priority. 

This website has a very rich colour scheme; the white and cherry red suggesting luxuriousness whilst evoking the professionalism of a business card. This is a good example of how a unique colour scheme can really make your website stand out. It can then be used across all further representations of your company such as online extensions like blogs and email signatures or even print articles like brochures and letterheads. Having a colour scheme in mind, though basic, can go a long way in helping Website Designers understand the feel of your company and then create a complimentary design for your website. 

Finally, the clients requested a Blog Set-up during the build process of www.seymourhosking.co.uk. This is a great way of propagating interest among existing and potential clients alike while improving the Search Engine Optimisation of the site through a series of steady updates. When Toolkit Websites sets up a blog for you, we do all the hard work of organising the account and linking it to your main site. We also alter the layout of the blog so that it fits in seamlessly when navigated. 

Here are some examples of some other blogs we have set up for our clients including Seymour Hoskings very own blog:


There are many advantages to having a blog. For example, you will have access to other useful tools such as an archive menu and the ability to add labels to make your blogs a well of searchable information. There is also the option to allow comments from readers thus giving your company the opportunity to receive precious feedback from your intended market. 

For tips on using Blogger and other Social Media applications to your Website's advantage, see our blog article here: 


Seymour Hoskings are pleased with their site and commented that our staff were 'very friendly and good natured.' 

You can view the website here: 


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