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Website of the Week - CJ Underwood

In our Website of the Week blog entry last time, we talked about how Toolkit Websites can benefit larger and or growing companies. However, what Toolkit Websites ultimately specialises in, is supporting the small business man and, as is the case this week, business woman.

Our Website of this Week goes to CJ Underwood. The client is a talented novelist who has recently written a historical novel about a heroic woman from Haarlam, a small town in the Netherlands, who raises an army of brave female soldiers to protect their beloved home town from attacking Spanish Invaders.

The client was in need of a simple yet unique website in keeping with her budget to set the mood of her book. The purpose of the site was to circulate news of the publication among fans of the genre while giving potential fans and customers the chance to find out about the rich, empowering and historical background of the book and its strong female characters.

When looking at the homepage of the website, you will first notice the beautiful background, a painting depicting the Battle of Haarlemmermeer, which is the setting of the book. Though the background is set as this simple image, the website user is instantly taken back in time to when the story takes place.

Another simple yet effect design choice featured on the website includes the logo, made from basic text but which results in a creative, signature-like effect, appropriate for an aspiring author. Add to that, an aged parchment effect on the edges of the content area and unique, textured Social Media logos and you have a very simple website, that uses modern techniques to construct a very historical experience.

The client was very happy with the end result saying:

“I received help on an ongoing basis, and nothing was too much trouble. Lanara was knowledgeable, professional and understood the needs of a new author. I love the look and feel of my website, and could never have done such a great job on my own.”

The client gave a perfect 5 stars for the build of her site.


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