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Business class mail services are more than just a smart address

The first lesson of marketing is that everything you do – every letter, every phone call, every Facebook update – should be considered a marketing opportunity. Using business class email will give your electronic messages a professional look and feel that’s priceless, but which comes at a surprisingly low cost. Ask yourself if you can afford to leave this vital means of communication in the hands of free services with millions upon millions of users and nowhere to turn if something goes wrong.

Toolkit offers email hosting that not only looks great but also comes with unbeatable reliability, top-of-the-range support services and the highest levels of security. All this comes for just £5 per month for each mailbox with a suite of added extras that you’ll soon wonder how you ever did without.

Every scammer on the web uses the free mail services. An @hotmail.com or @gmail.com address, of course, doesn’t mean you’re flogging the keys to the national bank of Nigeria, but if you want your business to look professional, stable and trustworthy you should think about avoiding them. You need your domain name in your address if you’re to be taken seriously.

Beyond this cosmetic advantage, hosted email is safer for you and your customers. Toolkit uses Rackspace hosting and guarantees 100% uptime. You’ll never be without your mail because if there are any problems Toolkit’s staff are at the end of a phone line to help immediately. 

We’ve all received the odd messages from friends followed by an apologetic ‘I’ve been hacked’ mail. Like the WordPress content management system we discussed in a previous post, popularity has made Hotmail (350 million users) and the like a honey pot for hackers. Just last April, a bug let hackers in and left Microsoft scrambling for a fix. Hosted mail has much better security controls.

You’ll also be better protected from spam and viruses. Spam is believed to make up 85% of all email sent, and it’s a time-wasting pain in the inbox. With 45 tests on every email, Toolkit gives you a 98% success rate with its filters, and you can control exactly how they work through an easy-to-use dashboard. Spam will waste valuable time, but a virus can cripple your business, so Toolkit’s hosted mail puts all messages – in and outgoing – through a four stage virus scan to keep you and your customers safe.

One of the beauties of Hotmail et al is their universal accessibility. You can keep that with Toolkit’s system, so if you’re out on the road with just a phone you can still use almost every feature of the system.

There are a lot of added extras too. List management is a vital marketing tool and that comes as part of the contacts package. A state-of-the-art calendar lets you set up and share your schedule with colleagues. Keep on top of your to do list with the task management system. And, the search feature is fast and accurate.

Everything is backed with Toolkit’s Passionate Service promise, quick, helpful support from the people who manage your email services on a daily basis.
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