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Website of the Week - Venus Engines

Venus Engines, Website of the Week
Venus Engines are engine and gearbox specialists that offer a whole range of services. Their primary goal is to supply used, second hand and reconditioned engines for all makes of cars. They also offer mechanical investigation examinations, full fitting services and top quality car servicing. For their site, the client was especially interested in a website with a blue and chrome theme to reflect the products they would be representing while standing apart from their competitors.

This website has a few interesting features that deserve mentioning. Firstly, the background is very in-keeping with the theme of the site and definitely brings to mind all things machinery and metal. It makes the site more interesting and unique as it gives the company a certain artistic flair while keeping a very smart and simple tone overall.

Next, the Slider header image at the top of the homepage displays a nice sliding animation which also brings a certain mechanical feel to the website, perhaps reminiscent of moving pistons in an engine. There are many effects available for sliding images which will help them stand out while giving some character to your site.

Finally, you will notice various references throughout the site to a 'Quote' page. This is actually a Bespoke form and will allow potential customers to fill in essential fields of information which are then sent and stored in your Toolkit and Webmail account. This makes it very easy to organise and respond to potential sale opportunities as soon as possible with the smallest effort from the potential client as well as Venus Engines themselves.

You can read more about how a form like this could generate valuable new inquiries for your business here in our blog article:


Venus Engines were very happy with their site, saying:

"You are the best. Great service and very dedicated work. That's why I have chosen your services twice and keep using you every time."

They gave their new website 5 stars out of 5

A special mention from the client must go out to Project Manager Lanara and Business Development Manager Remko who showed dedication towards the build of this site and made the build process a great experience for Venus Engines.

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