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New CMS? As easy as ABC!

Content Management Systems (CMS) are behind most websites because they provide you with the tools to control your own website and avoid relying on 3rd party web designers for changes. They also produce the same HTML code so changing CMSs is much easier than most people think.

Some CMSs have become giants of the web, WordPress being the most famous and popular. In August 2011, WordPress was behind 22% of all new websites, but Drupal and Joomla are also in very widespread use. However, popularity with CMSs in no way means quality or the right choice for you.

At Toolkit Websites we have our own CMS, The Toolkit. Unlike WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, it’s been designed with small and medium-sized businesses specifically in mind, and has a number of advantages over these systems – not least that you can pick up a phone and talk to the people who built the machinery behind your website.

CMSs are designed to make managing a website easy for non-technical users. They all do that, but The Toolkit does more because it’s been made specifically with you in mind.

The big-name CMSs are open source. Their code is available for developers – and hackers – to play with. They have been designed to be all things to all people, so while they are promoted as an off-the-peg solution for cheap and easy web design they will need to be hacked about by a web programmer to suit the purposes of your site. Some really require technical knowledge to get the best out of them.

For web designers, these free systems are brilliant – they don’t need to pay for their own CMS – and so they are often pushed onto their customers even though it may not be in the clients best interest.

The first difference you’ll notice between the big name, open source CMSs and The Toolkit is the support, available at the end of a phone or in an email reply within an hour. You also get free, unlimited training on The Toolkit for as long as you need it. We also update The Toolkit for you automatically with fully tested features which we’ve made ourselves, at no further cost to you.

You also get much better security than any open source system can offer, including daily backups and anti-virus and anti-spam protection that’s second to none.

You can see a full comparison of the Toolkit with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla on our website.

You’re not tied to your CMS. Toolkit Websites can help you move your site onto our system and you won’t lose a thing. In fact, with our change over services, the switch should be entirely seamless.

Take a look at your current providers Service Level Agreement to see what they’re providing in terms of hosting and other services and then talk to Toolkit Websites.

You can contact Toolkit Websites on 02380 633 644.

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