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Five must-dos when transferring your domain

Down time is wasted time online. If your site goes offline while you’re moving to a new design or web address you run the risk of sending potential customers away – not only will they not buy from you, they’re also going to form a very negative image of your company. That’s why at Toolkit we’re committed to providing you with not only a great new website but also a seamless transition.

There are risks with changing your hosting and mail providers – if you’re not prepared you can end up losing thousands of vital emails. Toolkit Websites Passionate Technical Support Team are the experts who will make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

We’re happy to promise zero down time on your site when you come over to us and for those who want to know how the process of transferring a domain works, check out our five top tips below:

1 – Back up your emails
Copy everything from all your mailboxes onto your computer before you even think about moving your domain!

2 – Copy your website
You shouldn’t really have to keep a local copy of your website, but we’ve found that many web design and hosting companies don’t play very fair when they think they are losing a client. Often, they’ll simply pull the plug on all your services, losing all that content and design work, which is vital to building a new site. 

3 – Remember those emails?
Check your email back up again. We take email for granted these days, and losing months or years’ worth of vital messages can have a seriously bad effect on your business health.

Talk to Toolkit Websites about switching your email service to us and we can help you start up with a business class mailbox and help you avoid all the potential downfalls of moving – can you save your contacts? Is email lurking in files outside your inbox? What about your current email signature?

Zero downtime and not a single email lost is our promise during the transfer process.

4– Prepare your account
There are lots of domain name providers – the organisations who register your web address – and preparation is vital to ensure there’s no down time. Toolkit Websites set up your domains new account and ensure everything is ready before transferring

5 – Domain Name Servers or DNS
Domain Name Servers are what make your website work from its unique address. Changing provider will  cause down time if it isn’t managed properly.

At Toolkit you’ll have a dedicated member of the technical team at your disposal and our guarantee of zero down time. We can take over the management of your DNS as we prepare to launch your new site, you (and your customers) won’t miss a minute.

With a dedicated technical specialist at the end of a phone line, you’ll never feel out of your depth or lost with Toolkit Websites. It’s part of our Passionate Service Promise – we’re confident that our clients get the absolute best support, advice and of course design in the business.

If you’d like to talk to Toolkit Websites about your website, then please just call one of our friendly, real team on 02380 633 644.

That’s something else we’re proud of, you’ll never have to jump through hoops or press buttons to speak to a real expert and we answer all calls within three rings. Give us a try today.

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