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Do you own your domain?

The name of your business is important. You have a strong personal connection to it and you’ve almost certainly put a lot of thought into it. That’s why Toolkit Websites make protecting your name online and giving you full control over it a standard part of our service.

We know that some web design companies register domain names – your web address – to their account so that if they lose a client they can charge them an astronomical fee for releasing the domain. We never do that. Your domain name is yours when you work with Toolkit and it’ll still be yours to take away if we ever part company.

We also help you get hold of your preferred domain name if someone else, a web design company for example, is holding on to it. And we don’t charge for it. It’s standard practice with us.

Fortunately, there are rules to protect businesses from ‘cyber squatting’. Perhaps the most famous case saw Madonna evict an adult site from the Madonna.com address.

The rules protect companies from losing their trademarks or names online, and we can use these rules to make sure your domain stays safe and remains registered to you and you alone.

If you’d like to check on a domain name, then you can use the Who Is search engine run by Nominet, who keep the book on all .co.uk domains.

Simply type in your business name and you can find out if it’s been registered to someone else or still available. If it’s currently in someone else’s control, you should be able to win control of it back – something that Toolkit Websites will help with as part of our setup process with no added charges.

Our policy on domain names is part of our Passionate Service Promise and commitment to transparency in everything we do.

If you’d like to talk to us about your website, then just call our team on 02380 633 644 or email us on support@thetoolkit.co.uk to start the conversation.

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