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YouTube passes through eighth birthday at 100 hours per minute

YouTube celebrated its eighth birthday this week and announced the incredible fact that 100 hours of content is uploaded to the video sharing site every minute. Along with one billion visitors a month, which is pretty much half of all web users, the site is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most powerful on the planet. 

One of the charms of YouTube is its huge variety. If you want to educate yourself on everything from philosophy to how to change a plug, you’ll almost certainly find a video to help you out. If you want to watch cats falling over, you can do that too. It also contains a great deal of nasty, illegal and plain rubbish content, but the site does its best to take down what it can, and it remains one of the safest sites online, another of its attractions. 

However, don’t forget that YouTube is now part of the Google empire and, like all huge sites, it will probably have to pay its way one day in the not too distant future. Imagine the hosting costs for storing all those cute kids and ranting conspiracy theorists. Paid for subscriptions to channels look likely to be on the cards shortly.

So fast moving is the social media world, and YouTube with its Google integration is now certainly part of that world, that these records are almost certainly out of date by now. 

But, here are YouTube current greatest hits. When the list was first compiled in August 2007, the number one was a comedy video with 56 million views. 

1 – PSY: GANGNAM STYLE with 1,491,867,496 views
2 - Justin Bieber: Baby with 845,312,696 views
3 - Jennifer Lopez: On the Floor ft. Pitbull with 661,002,113 views
4 – Eminem: Love The Way You with 551,380,582 views
5 – LMFAO: Party Rock Anthem with 531,116,118 views
6 - Harry and Charlie: Charlie bit my finger again with 519,814,575 views
7 – Shakira: Waka Waka with 515,795,317 views
8 - Lady Gaga: Bad Romance with 514,458,291 views
9 - Michel Telo: Ai Se Eu Te Pego with 491,987,017 views
10 - Don Omar: Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo with 435,911,231 views

That’s an extraordinary reach and while the list confirms that the once DIY spirit of YouTube has now been somewhat undermined by the arrival of big, powerful media brands, hundreds of millions of people are still watching a couple of kids because they make them laugh. 

If you’re serious about getting attention for yourself and your business, then YouTube really ought to be part of your mix. For one thing it’s free hosting of a short film, and the costs of making good quality moving pictures is coming down all the time. 

One of the first lessons of social marketing experts though is to beware of diluting or confusing your message by chopping and changing your appearances across different channels. 

Toolkit are social media experts. We can get you set up on all the main platforms with great looking, easy-to-use profiles, pages and groups. We’ll help you get started on YouTube too, even uploading your first videos for you and teaching you how to feature them on your own site. 

An integrated message is vital in social media marketing and Toolkit are here to help. Just call our team on 02380 633 644 or visit www.toolkitwebsites.co.uk to start the cameras rolling. 

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